bath center gas vacuum fire tube boiler

5,000 square meters of hotel heating choose how much vacuum heating boilers in Tianjin yesterday to have a customer is to open the hotel, called me and said his hotel consulting want to buy a heating and hot water boilers, used to use the air conditioning and electric heating water heater, carefully doing too expensive, so I want to replace the boiler, the customer said a total of 246 rooms, plus hall, etc. these all need to use heating, we ask this question for the next Zhang business unit, in accordance with standard hotel housing area about every room of the area is 20 square feet, of course, does not rule out some of the relatively large area, but the normal ratio is 20 square we are also counted in accordance with this ratio, the price of heating surface 246 rooms for 4620 flat, count the hall and other staff of almost 5,000 rooms flat, guest bath water, not bathing hall, average room to count the guests bathing water is nobody about 50 kg, the lowest number since almost all 2 accommodation personal Therefore, we calculated according to two standards, water 50 * 2 * 246 = 24,600 kg, then it is because it is a gas boiler for The amount of demand is not great, but there are also certain requirements, ranging from 0.35MW ~ 14MW power in general. So sum of 5000 level of heating and hot water need to use a vacuum hot water boiler 4 tons, and because of this production in Henan party fast heating and hot water boiler is bidirectional, a boiler can solve two problem! For more on how much a flat area with a vacuum boiler please contact customer service online, we will provide you with free programs and solutions!

Why vacuum boiler may be exempted from inspection for the purchase of the boiler manufacturers, all these can be considered for production of vacuum boilers, boiler because it does not require supervisory inspection. Why vacuum hot water boiler does not need to check? This begins from the principle of vacuum hot water boiler. The so-called vacuum space generally refers to the state of the substance does not exist. It refers to the so-called industrial vacuum atmosphere, a pressure less than normal atmospheric pressure, known as industrial vacuum. Vacuum in the vacuum boiler belonging to the category of industrial vacuum, i.e. a vacuum in the boiler operation, the internal pressure of the furnace is less than atmospheric pressure in a closed environment. Boiler explosion due to the expansion caused by the medium in the space, which is higher than atmospheric pressure outside the pressure range of the furnace. Like blowing balloons, if too many balloons in the air strike, under the pressure of the balloon, the balloon will explode. The vacuum suction operation of the boiler, the internal pressure less than atmospheric pressure, while maintaining the vacuum furnace, it is impossible explosion. So, from the point of view of boiler manufacturing principles, vacuum boiler is a relatively very safe boiler. Vacuum boiler can be installed on the roof of the building, the basement boiler room and independent, user-friendly planning and construction of heating systems, saving investment. Vacuum hot water boiler, the state also issued a related legal documents specified vacuum boiler can register for free, free inspection.

Vacuum boiler works, features and advantages: vacuum steam boiler equipped with a temperature controller system and a security alarm system is set, when the temperature reaches the set boiler stopping the machine control system will automatically cut off the electrical and gas systems, and issues Audible alarm. Any of a vacuum boiler vacuum gauge, a vacuum switch, a vacuum pump monitoring system, the flue gas temperature sensing probe, etc. abnormal, the control system will automatically cut off the electrical and gas systems, with sound and light alarm. Vacuum adsorption boiler is equipped with a safety valve, start overpressure, to achieve the purpose of safety relief. Preventing overheating protection device, when the boiler temperature exceeds 100 ° C, automatic fuse protection device, the gas system and cut off the circuit, so as to achieve a safety pressure relief, the working principle of vacuum boiler water at atmospheric pressure (1bar), boiling point of 100 ℃. Pressure below 1bar, the boiling point of water becomes less than 100 deg.] C; pressure -0.7bar, a boiling point of 90 deg.] C; pressure -0.3bar, a boiling point of 70 ℃; pressure -0.1bar, a boiling point of 40 ℃ vacuum hot water unit. after the hermetic chamber is formed by a vacuum pumping the vacuum chamber, the combustion heat medium boiling water vapor generates a negative pressure in the vacuum chamber, the vapor condenses in the external heat exchanger, the heating temperature and the cold water pipe to the user through the water after the vapor condenses to form water droplets flow back into the heat medium water, re-heating evaporation, thus completing the cycle, the unit is less than the normal operating pressure -0.7bar. Heating medium water is treated by a special cleaning, deoxidation high water, washed once injection is completed before delivery from the factory, in a closed loop inside the unit during use (evaporation - condensation - vaporization), not increase, not decrease, the unit life without need to be supplemented or replaced.

It is understood that around prevention and control of air pollution, ecological Environmental Protection Office of Shaanxi Province has formulated the "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" ( "Standards"), amended the "off key industries in the region of atmospheric pollutant emission limits." In the future, biomass, alcohol fuel boiler emissions also be included in "Standards".

"Standard" is to integrate and improve the local air emissions standards boilers. "Standard" for the scope of the province, covering coal, gas, oil, various types of fuel such as biomass; using alcohol fuel (e.g., methanol, ethanol, dimethyl ether, etc.), gas-fired boiler with reference to the implementation of emission limits.

After calculation, coal-fired thermal power boilers in Shaanxi Province implementation of the new standards, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions respectively about 0.67 tons 15,200 tons, 1.26 tons, down 27%, 40%, 21%; Burning after transformation of coal boiler, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions can be about 01,400 tons, 1.42 tons 14,100 tons.

With the haze pollution reduction work to promote strong, Shaanxi Province coal-fired generating units and 20 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boiler to carry out the transformation of ultra-low emissions, will gradually iron and steel, cement and other industries to carry over non-electric low-emission transformation, the original standard has been overtaken by change of environmental situation. Additionally, the Guanzhong area of ​​glass, ceramics, bricks, gold and other industry, there are a certain number of kiln, its environmental requirements leniency.

The revision of the "off key industries in the region air pollutant emission standards", the abolition of the thermal power industry, coal-fired boiler emission limit requirements, these two sectors rose to individual standards province-wide.

It also increases the coke nitrogen oxide emission limits Chemical Industries, gold industry, glass and glass products, ceramic industry emission limits, increasing the concentration of tile industries and atmospheric pollutants conversion approach.

The new standards are expected coke chemical industry NOx emissions will decrease 70%, the sintering process the steel industry, the particulate matter, SO2, NOx emissions decreased by 50%, 72% and 67%, respectively.