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Biomass steam energy saving 20t boiler agent myanmar in Mexico

Zg signed the contact with Palma Tica DE Mexico s. a. DE c. V company, provided a 30 ton biomass steam boiler for power generation. the boilers in September 2016 to start the installation, and put into operation in 2017.

Hot water energy saving 20t boiler agent myanmar feed water speed and scale with the ability to hot water boilers are often used in hotels, hotel, baths, offices, etc., when in operation for us to be reasonable and proportional speed control of water with the following'll tell you about the boiler load capacity and the speed ratio of the belt water: a, the stronger the greater the proportional band 1 load capacity, each of the hot water boiler station changes according to the size of the load carried by the respective main regulator of the proportional band. 2, the fuel conditioning subsystem using the steam turbine power - Frequency electrohydraulic control system similar to the feedforward - feedback cascade control system. 3, the main regulator proportional regulator, the steam turbine power - frequency electro-hydraulic control system of a frequency corresponding to a difference amplifier which corresponds to droop ratio with the steam turbine, the size represents the size of the boiler with a load capacity, proportional band The larger, the stronger the boiler with a load capacity. 4, the sub-controller uses proportional-integral regulator, the steam turbine power - the power conditioner frequency electro-hydraulic control system, respectively. 5, the amount of fuel introduced into the feedback signal, and the power turbine - steam turbine introducing a pressure signal frequency electro-hydraulic control system corresponds to which function is to quickly eliminate the amount of fuel boiler spontaneous disturbance. Second, the water should not be too fast a speed, water should not be excessive speed before the start, winter is generally not less than 4h, the other seasons 2 ~ 3h, especially in the beginning of the water should be slow. 2, generally at 50-90 deg.] C water temperature, so that the temperature difference between the feedwater and the steam drum into the drum wall temperature is not more than 40 ℃. Not fully cooled, water temperature cf. drum wall temperature can be, or should be slow water velocity. 3, when the feed water entering the drum is always in contact with the first drum half wall, if the water temperature and the drum wall temperature difference is too large, the influent fast speed, upper and lower walls of the drum, the inner and outer wall will have a greater differential expansion, resulting in a large drum to additional stress, causing deformation of the drum, when severe cracks. 4, since the thick-walled drum, slow expansion, the wall of the tube is connected to the drum wall is thin, expanded rapidly. If the temperature is too high or water boiler feed water too fast, uneven expansion will cause the weld cracks, damage. Water speed before starting hot water boiler should not be excessive, with the ratio, the stronger the larger the load capacity, so the size of the master regulator may vary with the proportional load carried, for this purpose we use to control the process, to avoid accidents.

Boiler and quantities to be adjusted with the feedwater phosphate treatment: energy saving 20t boiler agent myanmar, it works, and whether the tonnage-related? And, what is phosphate treatment boiler feed water? Boiler combustion process, the need to control and regulate which of several physical quantities? These can be said that the important issues are the boiler, So without further ado, to answer immediately, so that we clearly understand and grasp. 1. whether the boiler works as the tonnage-related? This question, the answer is no, because, no matter how much tonnage of the boiler, will not affect how it works. That is, between the boiler and the tonnage works, is little to do, so between them, are not necessarily linked, independently of each other. 2. What is the boiler feedwater phosphate treatment? In boiler water, addition of phosphate, and thus, avoid occurrence limescale inside, and basic corrosion. In this case, you can avoid some of the problems, and thus to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the boiler. It generates slag, it is possible through the boiler blowdown, be discharged.

For winning the Battle of Blue Sky, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, issued in 2019 action to implement the program, which requires: accelerate the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emission thermal power and other key industries. Details are as follows.

First, in an orderly clean heating in winter

Seriously implement the "clean Gansu winter heating overall plan (2017-2021 years)" and "clean Jiuquan City winter heating embodiment (2017-2021 years)", combined with the overall urban planning and development of real priority to the development of central heating and accelerating focus heating pipe network construction and transformation progress, and constantly improve the urban central heating cover, reduce civil bulk coal usage, central heating difficult coverage areas, speed up the implementation of all types of decentralized clean heating.

Second, the full completion of the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers

And by phasing out the demolition, clean energy transformation, environmental compliance management, etc., complete with coal-fired boiler remediation tasks. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers, the county level and above urban area (high-tech zones, except through the open area, industrial parks and industrial agglomeration area) basically eliminated 10 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boilers and furnaces tea, operational stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities, in principle, to 35 tons of steam per hour, the new coal-fired boilers, in principle, to the rest of 10 tons of steam per hour, a new coal-fired boilers.

Third, strengthening the total control and the clean use of coal

Issued according to the provincial total coal consumption control objectives and annual coal consumption indicators, strengthen coal total control. New coal coal project implementation reduction alternative, reduce the proportion of coal in energy consumption, improve power coal in total coal consumption in proportion.

Fourth, accelerate the development of clean energy and new energy

Gradually increase the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption, the orderly development of hydropower, optimizing wind, solar energy development layout, coupled encourage the promotion of coal-fired biomass power generation, local conditions to develop biomass energy, geothermal energy, to ensure that by 2020, the city's non-fossil fuels in energy the proportion of total consumption reached 20%. Increase renewable energy consumptive efforts to solve the basic water abandoned, abandoned wind, abandoned light problem.