For Sale High Efficiency boiler 8t Jordan

important facility for urban public utilities. As the purchase purpose of Heilongjiang Taoshan Forestry Bureau is regional central heating, ZOZEN for sale high efficiency boiler 8t jordan provided a SHX series circulating fluided bed hot water boiler for them.

Third, the additional steam pressure, not to say that as long as the steam for sale high efficiency boiler 8t jordan produces steam on the line, with the steam vapor is still a difference, every business has a specification for each enterprise with steam. Take the power plant, the steam turbine power plant needs much pressure steam are all required, if the pressure is too high can damage the steam turbine plant, if the pressure is too low may base with fixed turbine. Therefore, selection of appropriate additional vapor pressure is also very important.

Fast one side condensing steam for sale high efficiency boiler 8t jordan complete protection, safe and reliable, more than 10 kinds detector guard, round protection boiler safety; proprietary condenser can maximize thermal efficiency, low environmental discharge; Chinese full touch control interface, let operational status at a glance; the use of ND steel and steel and aluminum hybrid materials greatly extend the life of the boiler.

What are the advantages of low nitrogen condensation condensed low-nitrogen is widely used in major civil and commercial establishments, such as used in civilian duplex villas and commercial hotels. Its operation is easy, using plc controller, configure a higher level, you only need a touch-screen buttons to control the entire operation of the for sale high efficiency boiler 8t jordan, the boiler used after the liberation of the human species, can also reduce the cost of human custody. So the condensate low nitrogen What are the advantages of it? 1. The first long life and good weather resistance (excellent antifreeze properties) condensing low nitrogen may be used in various environments, in the northern region may be accessible applications. It has frost protection function, when the water in the boiler is lower than the set value, automatic operation of the heating, the temperature to be agreed with the water automatically stops match, it is possible to protect the device itself and its auxiliary equipment. 2. good corrosion resistance not only design the structure of science, the system of operational excellence, both to prevent low temperature, corrosion, also avoid cold shock tube wall of the furnace, so it's durability, service life is longer. The second use of security (over-temperature, water alarm) this has been designed to consider safety issues, set up multiple security mark. It has over-temperature alarm, i.e., water will automatically stop when the ultra-high heat, and performs over-temperature alarm, until the fault can be completely released only need to manually reset; also has water protection, can automatically shut down when water is and the alarm, preventing dry. The third high thermal efficiency (energy sufficient, good energy) such domestic professional larger heating surface, its high heat transfer efficiency, maximize the heat transfer enhancement effect. Moreover, the good outer protective layer useful effect, to ensure a constant temperature glass wool, to prevent a large number of relatively small radiating its heat loss, can make full use of energy, energy efficient. These are the advantages of low nitrogen condensation. In summary, good safety performance of this type of boiler, high thermal efficiency, able to adapt to the security needs of practical work to ensure safe and efficient in operation at. Strong its user-friendly design, digital control system prevents human error, reduces operational input costs, overall cost is high.