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Vacuum hot water boiler operating gas: a gas hot water boiler operating under vacuum: the vacuum gas hot water boiler utilizing the different characteristics of different boiling point of water at ambient pressure. At normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 deg.] C, vacuum gas hot water boiler operating pressure in the range -0.07Mpa less. Corresponding boiling temperature of water is less than 93 deg.] C, vacuum gas at the operating pressure of the hot water boiler, the combustion temperature rises to the water boiling temperature, the steam boiling surface to produce the same temperature, volatile vapors absorb large amounts of heat. At this time, water is injected into the heat exchanger of the boiler. After the inner tube was heated to an outer cold administered heated steam flows out through the steam pipe outside the cold water cooled heat exchanger is condensed into water droplets, the water cycle is completed in vacuo. 1. smoke tube was added in the process, improve the heat transfer effect of making the arrangement more concentrated. With a square overall structure independent spray, beautiful shape of the separation. three. Large furnace techniques: effectively increasing the heat radiation area of ​​the unit, to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions. 4. Boiler water using a high water to ensure that water does not furnace fouling and oxidation. All wet back shell type three-way structure, static heating, excess heat .6, actively control the whole system, it does not require special duty. 7. Unique pulse level detection circuit reliable performance. 8. inlet / outlet temperature display easier to control the operation of the vacuum and hot water boiler operating segment. 9, receiving advanced multilayer insulated glass wool, heat loss is small. Vacuum gas hot water boiler with three pressure safety system: automatic safety explosion-proof valve in the discharge control: when the internal pressure of the boiler continues to rise, the explosion-proof valve due to EHV broken, releasing the pressure in the boiler, to ensure safe operation of the boiler; Digital Pressure Switch: imported from Japan digital pressure switch, detecting a change in the pot at any degree of vacuum, when the pressure is too high, side off: opening vent automatic safety alarm: the boiler when the internal pressure becomes slightly positive pressure, vibration proof safety valve automatic alarm , cut off the power boiler.

Electric steam boilers correct debugging methods in recent years, with the development of science and technology, sterilization equipment are constantly updated, replaced the pulsating vacuum pressure cooker under a vented pressure cooker. Electric steam boiler replaced the old steam boiler burning coal. Electric steam boiler equipment advantages and more, but the performance has changed, to ensure the safe use of equipment, extend the service life, after years of research, proper installation and commissioning of equipment gained some experience. When electric steam boiler factory staff should carefully check whether the number of physical and detailed list of exactly the same, you must ensure the integrity of the equipment. After the arrival of the installation environment, equipment and spare parts you need to first placed on a flat surface and large, to avoid damage to the stent and the header and the like. Another very important point is that, after the fixed electric steam boilers, boiler again to double-check the base of reach of whether there is a gap, to ensure that they match exactly, there is a gap of cement and other places to use padded. At the time of installation, the most important part is the electrical control cabinet, the control cabinet sides need to first after all wires connected to the respective motor, during installation. Before electric steam boilers put into use, but also a series of commissioning work, which is very critical two-step rise fire and gas. Stoke to conduct a comprehensive inspection after the boiler is not vulnerable on the device, the temperature must be strictly controlled in Stoke process, can not be increased too fast, to avoid uneven heating of individual components, affecting life. And in the gas sending start, warm up first tube operation, i.e. first steam valve slightly open, allowing a small amount of steam into play a warm-preheating effect, bearing in mind the respective components are working properly. After more than a few steps, electric steam boilers can be used as normal.

April 4, 2019 morning, Xi'an Beilin haze iron-fisted rule to organize the use of gas-fired boiler unit of area businesses, held a 2019 low nitrogen gas boiler renovation work Publicizing.

The meeting mainly to accelerate the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler Beilin, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Office investigator, neighborhood offices iron-fisted rule haze Director; area involving boiler 2019 user units, boiler enterprises, related to the monitoring unit responsible comrades total of more than 180 participants. Ecological Environment Agency Beilin Branch Comrade security level currently in Xi'an ambient air quality situation, problems and countermeasures were presented. Ecological Environment Agency celebration party strongman rule Beilin Branch Office Director haze on the transformation of relevant documents and carry out propaganda premium policy interpretation. 2018 transformation of the user units China Qiyuan Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Comrade Yang Ann introduced to transform the experience of last year. Finally, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Bureau researcher Liu made a concluding statement:

The principle of efficient gas hot water boiler gas hot water boiler in the field of energy conservation and efficiency has always been one of the energy-saving purpose is would cause a corresponding economic benefits on the basis of saving energy as much as possible, rather efficiently it is a certain amount of on the basis of the economic benefits of energy generated by the efficient use of, so for boiler manufacturers, how do the requirements of energy efficiency standards can achieve efficient use is survival. As a veteran of efficient gas hot water boiler factory in Henan party quickly said that after nearly 70 years of precipitation technology, developed energy-efficient gas hot water boiler mainly includes the following series: natural gas hot water boiler series, gas hot water boiler series, city gas hot water boiler series, gas hot water boiler series, and according to customer demand into different types according to different regions of the tonnage, from a minimum of 0.5 tons up to 20 tons, ranging largest gas hot water boiler, and based on customer belonging to different customers recommend different types, such as a cell in the city due to the restrictions of the terrain needed small footprint, fast Henan party can recommend ZWNS type means that the vacuum hot water boiler to you, if it is a large bath Henan party or faster recommended hotel WNS-type internal combustion engine means that the horizontal gas-fired hot water boiler room to you, if it is in a large factory supplying hot water or heating in comprehensive community Henan party fast can recommend to you SZS type meaning double drum vertical type fired hot water boiler room, and can also help customers make a budget, and accurate Calculate the ratio of the cost and profit, maximize the convenience of the customer. More energy efficient gas hot water boiler manufacturer's problem, please contact customer service online fast Henan party shares, we will give you the most dedicated service!