price wns horizontal fire tube internal combustion oil fired hot water boiler

About the kind of steam boiler fuel oil boiler steam through the next, there are many main purpose, main features, a brief Automatic fuel gas steam boiler. A: The main purposes: food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical production and provide steam to provide steam sterilization, medical institutions, enterprises and institutions to provide steam for the other, the hotel's heating Automatic fuel gas steam boiler, the heating can also provide domestic hot water tank by . Second: The main features: 1, with central back burning structure, a large volume of water and gas boiler space, adaptable load capacity. 2, the indoor micro-pressure flame automatic steam boiler fuel combustion, the flame is fully extended, enhanced heat transfer, thereby reducing convective heating area, reducing the cost of the boiler. Smoke flow resistance is small, low-power consumption operation, operating cost savings. 3, in addition to the conventional four level height control, an additional level detector 5, the detection bit will stop when the boiler water, alarm, to ensure safe operation of the boiler. 4, the front smoke box special heat insulation materials, high temperature, low thermal conductivity, good anti-radical quenching heat capacity, greatly extending the life center back burning boiler before the smoke box, the furnace insulation is multilayer glass wool , light weight, low heat loss. 5, automatic oil-fired boiler steam pressure is controlled by Danfoss and Danfoss pressure controller and pressure transmitters joint control, pressure controller is responsible for ultra-high pressure interlock protection, prohibits burner working and alarm; pressure transmitter responsible for combustion engine to work to achieve some or all of control, to achieve automatic control of the exact steam pressure and steam pressure in the pressure range provided by a touch screen, detecting a pressure up to 0.002 MPa, more accurate pressure control. Thus avoiding a pressure controller general requirements of the production and the high vapor pressure of low pressure gas boiler or the actual requirements of the production of high pressure and low pressure gas boiler can not meet the disadvantages of the production requirements. 6, flue gas condenser fast side (optional) by the national utility patent, requires efficient use of steel-aluminum sheet Chi spiral tube heat exchanger, heat transfer surface is sufficient, the small side of the flue gas resistance of the system to meet the general burner. With flue gas condenser heat boiler efficiency can be improved more than 8%, the fuel gas savings of nearly 10%. These are the simple on automatic steam boiler fuel introduction want to be useful.

Gas boiler heating surface elements and hydraulic machine hydraulic system temperature Xiao Bian told you about the gas boiler heating surface elements and hydraulic machine hydraulic system was increased 1: heat impact: low heat, low temperature combustion theory. To ensure that the design parameters and capacity of the boiler, fuel consumption and more, the furnace outlet increases eye pattern, a large amount of smoke, and the temperature and pressure so that the heat transfer gas velocity in each of the convection heating surface are increased, resulting in convection heating surface endothermic the amount of increase. Thus, each of the heating surface area of ​​the boiler will be changed accordingly. 2: volatile Impact: coal fuel gas-fired boiler low volatile and is not easy to catch fire and burn, furnace volume heat intensity should get smaller, the larger the volume of the furnace. Flame length, the furnace should be higher. In order to ensure stable ignition of the fuel, the water wall surface of the burner arrangement Refractory laying tape, reduce heat absorption area waterwall combustor to maintain the high temperature, hot air and powder feeding hot air temperature higher, so relatively arranged much air preheater heating surface. In order to ensure the fuel burn, requires a larger excess air ratio, the combustion temperature in the furnace and reduce the amount of flue gas increases, it should be arranged to increase the convection heating surface. 3: Effect of Moisture: Water large, combustion temperature in the furnace is reduced, reducing the radiant heat absorption in the furnace, the flue gas increases the amount of heat absorption increases convection heating surface. Thus, convection heating surface required multi worth area. Meanwhile, moisture, high temperature hot air requirement, while the arrangement requires more air preheater heating surface. 4: Ash Impact: ash content, will aggravate the wear convection heating surface, in the design of the convection heating surface, should be used in low-speed cigarette or other friction reducing measures. Low ash melting point, should be used in a low heat furnace cross-sectional strength, thermal strength burner zone wall and the furnace volume heat intensity, to ensure that the back of the furnace and the convection heating surface not slagging. For low fuel boiler ash melting point, it should be employed in slagging combustion. For ash, it may also be employed multiple flue arrangement. 5: Multi sulfur, ash can cause corrosion and plugging of the low temperature heating surface, also cause high-temperature corrosion. Therefore, the design should pay attention to the selection and arrangement of the parameters of the heating surface, and take appropriate measures. As heating temperature, and contamination of the hydraulic system, but also an integrated form of the fault, the primary measured by measuring the oil temperature and a small amount of hydraulic components. Oil cooling during rotation around the start of operation to thermally. Temperature too high will produce the following faults: 1, temperature rise, the viscosity will decrease oil leakage increases, the overall system efficiency and volumetric efficiency of the pump is significantly reduced. Since the viscosity of the oil is reduced, thin film and other moving parts of the spool are cut and broken, the frictional resistance increases, resulting in increased wear, heat generation system, lead to higher temperature. 2, high oil temperature, mechanical thermal deformation, so that the gap between both the hydraulic components of different coefficients of thermal expansion becomes smaller moving member stuck, causing operation failure, they affect the precision of hydraulic equipment, resulting in variable quality parts processing difference.

Battle blue horn sounded, emissions of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen compounds gradually strict national requirements. To improve the quality of the environment, but also the people a blue sky, in all industries around the environmentally friendly product revolution, Hainan Sinochem Pharmaceutical companies are no exception. By the company investigation and comparison of boiler products, in March 2017 signed a six-ton ​​steam-cleaning integrated condensing gas boiler and steam fast boiler. Tested and post feedback, the boiler equipment installation qualification, operating normally, and successfully passed the inspection by local quality inspection departments of the boiler.

ZG boiler produces different types of hotel bath oil and gas price wns horizontal fire tube internal combustion fired hot water boilers. These oil and gas boilers can use various fuels such as natural gas, diesel, biogas, gas and methanol according to customer needs. Hotel hot water boilers use these fuels to produce hot water for the hotel, which is generally used for bathing.