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National response to control air pollution and maintain policies favorable ecological environment; effective control of thermal power, steel and other key industries, the total amount of atmospheric emissions of major pollutants, Ningxia implementation of thermal power, steel and other industries, especially air emission limits for pollutants in the metropolitan area of ​​Yinchuan.

In particular emission limits refers to higher standards than the national emission of pollutants, more stringent emission requirements; implementation of special emission limits, implementation of key industries mentioned standard transformation is one important way to reduce pollutant emissions. Yinchuan City metropolitan area including Yinchuan, Shizuishan City, Wuzhong City Litong District, Qingtongxia City Administrative Region and Ning Dong Energy and Chemical Base (core area). Perform particularly air pollutants emission limits in all of these areas of thermal power, iron and steel, cement, petrochemical, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, coal-fired boilers and sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter.

Since the execution time is tentatively scheduled for January 1, 2019, for the present, China has not yet specified air pollutants emission limits in particular industry, to be the relevant standards or modified, re-implemented.

For enterprises, especially not achieve emission limits of air pollutants, the government has formulated a series of remediation measures, the relevant enterprises to effectively assume responsibility for the theme of pollution control, ensure the completion of the task within the stipulated time. For within the specified time still can not meet the requirements of enterprise and equipment, the relevant departments will be severely punished according to law.

6 tons of hot water boiler heating area can meet much faster the calculation before the party expertise engineers: one ton of hot water boiler to provide 10,000 square meters of heating area. In other words, six tons of hot water boiler to meet the 60,000 square meters of heating area. This is a very high figure in the boiler industry, the majority of boiler manufacturers produce hot water boiler can not meet this standard. But when it comes to heating, it is affected by many aspects. User area, a variety of different situations of building height, building materials insulation effect, etc., will directly affect the heating situation. Therefore, when you buy heating boilers, in conjunction with the above factors and a variety of boiler manufacturer's technical staff docking. Fang quickly into the boiler career for many years, providing heating hot water boilers for countless enterprises, entertainment, heating stations and other places. According to user environment (different requirements for nitrogen oxide), various factors such as building height and insulation materials, to provide users with appropriate solutions to ease your choice. In addition to the gas hot water boiler, hot water boiler fuel as well as fast side; also has a hot water boiler ultra-low emission of harmful substances, to obtain more information, please direct online consultation fast boiler!

Why, low nitrogen gas boiler more efficient and environmentally friendly it? Low nitrogen gas boiler was pushed into a market that is universal access to consumers love and recognition, the reason is that it's environmentally friendly and efficient characteristics, however, we have not wondered, how does it do energy-saving and efficient Shuangyou it?

Plants use existing ordinary way for the 6t energy saving steam boiler manufacturers brunei steam solutions for problems: 1, big waste of energy: pipeline transport long distance, large energy loss. Steam from the steam boiler plant to have many points have become a condensate. Especially at night discontinuous steam plant, each with steam before the need to discharge large amounts of condensate, resulting in waste of energy. 2, managers and more: Boilermakers need to arrange several on duty holder, increased labor costs. 3, beautiful plant has been greatly affected. Kou recommended method: point - point steam supply mode, the need to place Kou steam boiler steam next to the plant or equipment, with the open with the use. Complete cancellation of the factory steam pipe network. And highlight the advantages of a conventional steam boiler: 1, Energy saving: Due to put an end to the pipeline transmission losses, energy-efficient way than conventional steam supply energy by 30-50%. 2, management is simple: Kou boiler steam boiler does not belong to the range of pressure that can be placed directly on the shop floor, without making a separate boiler room. When steam required by the plant workers can boot. 3, the plant more beautiful.