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High and sometimes low when the boiler manufacturers to teach you how to deal with gas boiler and tempering from the fire boiler manufacturers now teach you how to deal with gas boiler and fire off phenomenon of tempering gas boiler backfire and from the fire, there will be vacuum furnace , rather unstable; observe the test flue gas CO2 and O2 instruction sheet change significantly; the color of the flame is also changing moment. Gas steam boiler manufacturer to tempering occurs and causes a gas boiler fire off phenomenon, summarized as follows: the gaseous fuel in a gas boiler combustion within the limits, if the ratio of the flow rate of the combustible gas concentration than the burner air low burning speed, the flame will spread towards the fuel source direction, the emergence of the so-called backfire. According to gas steam boiler manufacturers found that the higher the gas-fired boiler furnace, the faster will be the speed of flame propagation, flashback will be easier. Since tempering phenomenon occurs in the burner, so that damage to the burner is relatively large, serious, explosions occurred in the burner. Tempering phenomenon and compared, with the proviso that fire off phenomenon occurs: the combustible gas in the burner outlet is higher than the flow rate during combustion, resulting in the original direction of the fuel toward the burner starts combustion, a phenomenon known as off-firing. The study found that, when the gas boiler is under low load conditions, the boiler is more prone to fire off phenomenon. Tempering treatment from the fire and gas boiler: 1, by detecting if it is due to the low gas pressure caused, which requires gas pipeline gas boiler thorough examination. If it is caused by the gas pressure is too high, you need to run normally throughout the regulating valve on the gas pipeline, high and low pressure air duct before the total pressure and burner, throttle opening size of the burner to do a rigorous inspection. 2. If it is the total gas boiler room gas supply pipeline pressure drop caused by the need for timely contact with the gas supply station, rapid increase in gas pressure to solve. By checking if the intake pressure is normal, it is necessary to detect the pressure regulating valve is normal. After checking the above aspects, if no problem, we need to leak gas pipeline to be checked.

Commissioning of Electric Steam Boiler before it is put into OperationThere is still a series of commissioning work to be done before the steam boiler is put into operation. The two key steps are fire-raising and gas supply. It is necessary to control the temperature strictly and not to increase the ground too fast in order to avoid the non-uniform heating of every component and affect the service life of the boiler after the boiler has no loopholes in the equipment. The temperature of the boiler should be strictly controlled during the process of fire-raising and the temperature should not be increased too fast. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, sterilization equipment has been constantly updated, pulsatile vacuum pressure cooker has replaced the lower exhaust pressure cooker. And at the beginning of the gas supply, the heating operation should first be carried out, that is to say, the steam valve should be slightly opened to allow a small amount of steam to enter, thus giving rise to the effect of preheating the heating pipe. At the same time, pay attention to the normal operation of the components. After these steps, the steam boiler can be used normally. An electric steam boiler replaces an old-fashioned boiler where coal burns to produce steam. The new equipment has many advantages, but the performance has also changed. In order to ensure the safe use of the equipment and prolong the service life, after several years of research, some experiences have been accumulated in the correct installation and commissioning of the equipment. When the steam boiler leaves the factory, the staff shall carefully check whether the physical items are in full conformity with the list details, and must ensure the integrity of the equipment. Upon arrival in the installation environment, equipment and spare parts need to be placed on a flat and spacious ground Top to avoid damage to bracket, seat, etc. There is also a very important point is that after fixing the steam boiler, carefully check the boiler and the base contact place whether there is a gap, to ensure that the tight seam, there are gaps should be filled with cement and so on. At the time of installation, the most important component is the electrical control cabinet, need to connect all the wires in the control cabinet to each motor, then install it.

Gas hot water boiler blowdown, wash water level gauge and false water level: fast boiler already manufactured pressure, vacuum, pressure hot water boilers, steam boilers, organic heat carrier boiler full range of coal, electricity, oil, gas. Wherein: A, pressure boiler has nine models, namely: 1, DG series electric boiler; 2, MQG series of atmospheric combustion cast iron boiler module; 3, MJQG series of machine-fired cast iron boiler module; 4, QG series gas pressure hot water boiler; 5, WGⅡ series gasification boiler smoke-free environment; 6, WGⅢ series gasification boiler smoke-free environment; 7, WGⅣ series gasification boiler smoke-free environment; 8, CG series of vertical boiler; 9, ZQGR series gas china heating vacuum hot water boiler seller; B, pressure boiler has six models, namely: 1, WNS type fuel gas hot water boiler; 2, WNS type fuel gas steam boiler; 3, DZL coal-fired hot water boiler; 4, DZL type coal-fired steam boiler; 5, SZL type coal-fired hot water boiler; 6, SZL type coal-fired steam boiler 0; C, organic heat carrier boiler there is a model, namely: YG series boiler; D, there are two models of other ancillary products , namely: 1, HR series unit volume of heat exchanger; 2, SL series of frequency of water supply facilities.

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