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Fourth, the heat loss

Boiler operation, the temperature of the furnace wall and the outer wall of the boiler body is always higher than the temperature of the surrounding air, because this part of the difference in temperature will cause heat loss and radiation loss is formed. The outer area of ​​the boiler and heat loss, the degree of thermal insulation, the outside air temperature and air flow rate of about size. General requirements of the wall surface of the furnace temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.

Gas boiler hot selling 1t energy saving turkey must be done to protect the safety of 6 elements gas boiler is a special equipment, but also a pressure vessel, together with the fuel flammability, for various special nature of such equipment must ensure the safety of the operation of the gas boiler. 1, must be set on the boiler and flue explosion vent; 2, gas boiler must be installed in a gas leakage warning device and ventilation; 3, start and shutdown of the gas boiler must have a strict sequential control system; 4, the burner must be equipped with automatic flameout protection devices; 5, must often gas-fired boilers pipeline pipeline rigorous investigation, but also necessary to protect the furnace interlock control system; 6, gas boiler fireman who must be full-time person in charge of the gas boiler regular visits to check point.

Combined with "263 Action Plan" introduced in Jiangsu Province, improve the ecological environment quality, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province High-tech Zone Branch Market Authority xixiashu again organize the use of coal-fired boiler hot selling 1t energy saving turkey units in the area to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

The inspection strengthen the investigation of the case of coal-fired boilers small bathroom, after examination, found that the use of coal-fired boilers within the jurisdiction of the bathroom has been updated for biomass fuel boilers. But when Huaqing Pool bathroom boiler inspection, found that although their water heating boiler has been replaced by biomass fuel boilers, but the phenomenon is still using coal as a raw material existence. Xixiashu Branch inspectors immediately to advise the town of environmental protection departments, and environmental protection departments to strengthen the joint inspection of the bathroom usage boiler safety problems one by one investigation to correct non-compliance.

Industrial gas condensing boiler hot selling 1t energy saving turkey works and the core technology of industrial gas condensing boiler, by definition, it is a condensing gas boiler. Currently, condensing gas boiler can be divided into commercial gas condensing boiler and condensing gas boiler industry. Products are also different from the horizontal condensing boiler and condensing boiler vertical. The most important is to realize the nature of condensing boilers condensing technology. The key industrial condensing gas boiler condensing boiler key point is to use the condensing technology, which is a relatively new type of energy-saving and environmental protection technology. In fact, the principle is not complicated, the simple conclusion is that to recover the heat energy of the flue gas through the flue gas condensation. In general, the traditional boiler thermal efficiency of only 85% or 91%. The exhaust gas boiler condenser temperature was lowered to 35-60 ℃, full recovery of latent heat and sensible heat in the flue gas water vapor. Maximum thermal efficiency of up to 108.9%. Industrial works condensing gas boiler works condensation gas boiler is the hot flue gas discharged from the combustion boiler (typically from about 140 deg.] C) recovering the energy, the temperature of the exhaust gas after recovering only about 60 ℃. Thus, the thermal efficiency is improved about 10%, about 10% gas savings. Meanwhile, in the process of energy recovery, it is also possible to reduce harmful emissions, reduce environmental pollution.