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Why oil hot water boiler price industrial 2t turkeys are economical and explosion-proof door requirements: the boiler hot water boiler fuel, I believe we are not unfamiliar, but if have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, I'm afraid, for the moment, We have not yet reached this level, so that this work will have to continue to learn, can not stop and ends, otherwise, will not achieve the desired learning objectives and requirements. So, then, without further ado, to proceed immediately, we hope everyone from some of the harvest. 1. Why is the type of boiler fuel hot water boiler is an economical? This conclusion will be, mainly because oil hot water boiler, which is the fuel for the fuel and to heat the water through the burner, thus, to achieve the heating, or to provide living and bathing water. The main advantage of it is the heating speed, low noise operation, and that it enables intelligent, therefore, only came to this conclusion.

A diffusion combustion concept: it is a relatively simple combustion of the fuel and air are fed to the combustion chamber, while mixing combustion to produce a longer flame, and exhibits mostly red and yellow. Advantages: no premixing in advance, but the gas nozzle mouth interdiffusion, and then burned. Combustion is relatively simple, no tempering, and other undesirable phenomena from the flame, the flame burning more stable. Disadvantages: Due to a longer flame, and prone to incomplete combustion occurs, so resulting in additional carbon monoxide and hydrogen compounds, the fuel can not be fully utilized, the thermal efficiency of the boiler price industrial 2t turkey also decreases, the boiler is difficult to achieve emission standards. Second, the combustion of partially premixed combustion air yet, compared to the diffusion combustion, having a partially premixed combustion complete combustion, the flame is short, a large thermal strength advantage, but this may cause combustion tempering, from flame from the fire phenomenon and, under good control of the primary air prerequisite, can realize a flame does not leave a range, a stable flame area is not tempered, this region can be adjusted in the heat load ratio. Partially premixed combustion in gas appliance in the civil more widely. Third, refers to the premix combustion air and fuel required for full and accurate fuel previously mixed, and then fed to the burner for combustion. Which is characterized by a short flame length, adhesion to the burning surface, or even see the flame, also known as flameless combustion. Advantages: fuel combustion more fully, higher utilization, boiler thermal efficiency are increasing. Fang fast premix gas boiler thermal efficiency can reach 108% of the combustion efficiency. At the same time, fewer air pollutants discharged, in line with our air pollution emission standards implemented. Disadvantages: Due to the need for premixing fuel and air, fuel combustion stability will be relatively worse, measures need fireworks from the flame stability and to prevent tempering.

Heating heat load of the boiler price industrial 2t turkey regulation and control of the company in Henan fast boiler with small series to introduce regulation and control of heating heat load of the boiler. Load adjusting the steam boiler 1 is adjusted water temperature, when the weather changes, the stoker according to outdoor temperature changes, according to "a network for the return water temperature and the outdoor temperature graph of" time to adjust the load. 2 when the load increases, the first adjusting fan, increasing the amount of the wind, furnace pressure reaches the predetermined value, then adjust the blower to increase blast volume, and by increasing the speed of the drum layered coal hopper, increasing the amount of coal. Load change is small, layered coal hopper drum controlled at 500-600 rpm speed, medium-load, the roller speed control layered coal bucket large 600-700 rpm, load changes, the roller speed control layered coal hopper 700 -900 turn, increase stratified coal bucket cylinder and chain speed to be slow, not increase it too fast. To add a little, and so on, as long as the water temperature rises to stop, observe and then decide whether you need to add. When reducing the load, the opposite operation. , 3 site uses centralized boiler room quality adjustment, i.e., in the case where the amount of water circulating pump into the system unchanged, with changes in the outdoor temperature, heating is achieved by varying the adjusted temperature hot water into the system. Clearly central heating regulator is another duty fireman. 4 fireman primarily by controlling, adjusting the supply and return water temperature regulation of heat supply. To monitor the development of the date of fireman supply regulation scheme based on forecasts of seasonal and diurnal outdoor temperature, to control and regulate the combustion boiler. Water temperature is determined based on the temperature of the outdoor weather. Water temperature varies depending on the outdoor temperature day and night, so the weather temperature must engage properly, otherwise it will directly affect the quality heating. A network for the return water temperature adjustment by "one network for the return water temperature and the outdoor temperature graph" to. Specific provisions: A 3:00: 30-9: 00: from 3:30 am, the boiler starts to heat up, the water temperature was increased stepwise by a predetermined temperature trend curve, when the water temperature reaches the minimum temperature. B9: 00-14: 30 beginning at 9:00 from the weather with increasing temperature gradually cooling, water temperature according to a predetermined temperature trend curve to gradually reduce the water temperature at the time the weather temperature. However, the minimum temperature dropped water on holidays 70 ℃. C14: 30-22: 30 from 15:00 should fall weather with temperatures gradually warming, according to the weather at the time when the minimum temperature water temperature heating. However, in general, is not less than 16:00 70 ℃. After 20:00, the curve than the predetermined temperature slightly lower water temperature 1-2 ℃. D22: 30- 3:30 am by the water temperature than the outdoor temperature at the time corresponding to the operation at 5-10 deg.] C lower. But the holidays are not reduced. E abuse bad weather conditions, such as cloudy, snow, wind and the like, can be corrected according to fireman adjustment curve. It can be increased properly 2-3 ℃. F Water reveal the difference in temperature is an important factor in the size of the heat, when the press "a network for the return water temperature and outdoor temperature graph," the heating temperature of the water, the water temperature is found to increase, a corresponding increase in return water temperature, while the temperature difference constant , may be appropriate to reduce the water temperature 1-2 ℃. 5 of circulating water supply is the carrier for the heat, the total amount of water established in accordance with heating elements heat transfer area of ​​each station, the temperature of the weather, housing structure is the cycle of water that year, to be run at any time to adjust the frequency of the circulating pump to maintain circulating water basically unchanged. 2007 3600 ± 20T6 as a feeder network to be adjusted in accordance with the hydraulic D800, D700, D400 tube heat load carried by each sheet, by adjusting the temperature of circulating water to make a difference for the back of each sheet are substantially equal, the sheets to be supplied refer to the number of circulating water can be controlled "on, the secondary circulation water control table", once the hydraulic balance adjustment is completed, adjust the section of the door to remain intact, not free to change. 4.9.7 determining when several furnace boiler furnace to a peak, the peak when running the furnace to maintain high furnace temperature, furnace outlet temperature generally should reach 900-1000 ℃, not less than 80% boiler load, 1 is the furnace peaking furnace can be adjusted when the load changes. If the load is low, it may be appropriate to consider the press section of the furnace fire the boiler to ensure that most of the high-load operation. Given the limited level editor, inevitable errors and inadequacies, please correct me! Henan fast Boiler Company is committed to a wide variety of gas-fired boiler, steam boiler manufacturing, product quality, reasonable prices and widespread customer industry praise, if you have any needs, please contact us!