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Waste boiler high efficiency 20t manufacturers kuwait damage and over-temperature overpressure maintenance program to ensure the normal use of the waste heat boiler, to conduct strict monitoring of the temperature of the device, pressure, steam production, etc., to prevent over-temperature overpressure operation, not to ensure that the main production of chemical products , while ignoring the protection of the waste heat boiler, waste heat boiler eventually cause damage, forcing the total unit shutdown. When repairing a waste heat boiler for a petrochemical plant, found in the high-temperature side of the large number of burst pipes. The reason for the investigation, mainly towards the end of the year to ensure the completion of production tasks, and increased work load, resulting in over-temperature overpressure operation, leading to over-burning furnace tube, resulting in burst pipes. Improper waste heat boiler water treatment boiler is also one of its water supply must meet the requirements of the boiler water. In some plants, due to various reasons for this request seriously enough, that is not always the main equipment products, ignoring the quality control of its water supply, resulting in huge losses. After careful analysis of the structure of the apparatus and observe damage, following observations were made: (1) the waste heat boiler tubes up to 10m, the low temperature furnace tube plate and tubes are welded structure expansion. Out in the field can not damage the tube, it must be removed to send repair factory repair; (2) must make sure that the new exchange tubes of the high temperature-side pipe plate 3mm protective layer of water, with water to ensure the protection tube sets of concentric. And the best way to ensure 3mm protective layer of water that is the case not to cut, just out of the old pipe, can be replaced with a new tube. Accordingly, development of a repair scheme as follows: (1) to both sides of the tubesheet bore boring furnace tube head, to ensure that each of the furnace tube to tube plate separator. In which the lower tube plate, the tube plate to ensure = 14mm 57mm concentric to the hole on the high support and forging; the upper tube plate, to ensure that the upper tube plate and tube weld is disengaged. (2) the old tube out from the tube sheet on the lower lateral sides of the tube plate to the tube plate punched up = 290mm hole. (3) withdrawing furnace tube damage, one requires pumping a barrier to prevent misalignment baffles within the housing. (4) the centering ring on the new tube welded end to ensure that the new tube after penetrating the tube plate, the aqueous homogeneous = 3mm protective layer profile. (5) penetrate new furnace tube, tube wear new requirements in place a good spot, take out the old furnace tube between the two new tubes. (6) the tube plate TIG welding, particularly welding node and Welding. Wherein the upper tube plate using fillet welding, using a lower tube plate bore welding. (7) the tube plate on the furnace tube after welding expander. (8), the lower tube plate weld stress relief treatment. (9) the tube / plate welds colored 100% inspection, hydrostatic testing. Following the above repair process waste heat boiler has been running more than a year, currently running in good condition.

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Before the hot water boiler high efficiency 20t manufacturers kuwait operation to check whether important and what content? Hot water boiler in the boiler, it can be said that common and commonly used. However, in its specific knowledge of learning and understanding, the extent is not comprehensive enough and sufficient, there are many deficiencies and gaps in. That being the case, other important products, that the following will continue to carry out this work, so that we achieve the learning objectives and requirements as soon as possible, not regret. Hot water boiler, which is in check before running, can be said to be very important and critical, as it will affect the boiler can safely use, as well as to avoid danger or accident. So, it is not carried out sloppy in the details, there is: (1) internal inspection of hot water boilers, as well as its work on the preparation of the examination, if well prepared and full of. (2) Check the inside of the boiler furnace and flue, whether there is fouling or debris, if any, should be promptly removed. To adjust the door and the flue duct, it is mainly to see if complete and close the shutter, and the switch is flexible. (3) For boiler accessories, but also to be checked, which is in good condition, it can be used normally. In addition, in the instrumentation and control devices, will depend on whether a complete and clean. (4) for the hot water boiler automatic control system, as well as ancillary equipment and combustion equipment, it is to conduct a comprehensive inspection, if there are problems. And its mechanical drive system, is normal. (5) of the boiler heating surface, should be carefully examined, because it is important, related to the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler. Further, it is noted that, in the low temperature hot water boiler, which is achieved by the system pressure constant expansion tank, and the tank is typically mounted on the circulating system. In the high temperature hot water heating system, typically using nitrogen pressure tank, and to achieve a constant pressure. After checking all the hot water boiler qualified, you can shield installation, commissioning further work. At the same time, pay attention to the current no abnormality or problem.

Conventional manner using a single heating boiler high efficiency 20t manufacturers kuwait steam as the heat source, using a plate and then a change to a hot water using heat. Although this looked easy, but the second heat but lost a lot of heat. So fast boiler manufacturers recommend to everyone is: terms of heating, sanitary hot water, process water and other direct use of hot water boiler hot water, use a steam boiler where steam (food processing, hospital disinfection, chemical production, etc.) . Unless you can use a small amount of steam in the hot water usage to heat.