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Boiler oxygen equipment startup and shutdown procedures, processes 1, check before starting boiler oxygen equipment (1) confirm the vacuum pump to start licensing conditions are met, Steam Turbine Shaft Seal has been put into operation, the shaft seal pressure is normal. (2) the vacuum pump running from the DCS screen, check the vacuum pump inlet, gradually increase the negative pressure, an inlet pneumatic valve opens automatically. (3) Check the pump motor starting current time and the return to normal, bearing vibration, moisture separator and exhaust normal level. (4) Check the plate heat exchanger is working properly, the vacuum pump sealing water inlet temperature is normal. (5) by the same procedure, the other two in turn starts the vacuum pump. (6) When the vacuum unit normal, disabled, according to a vacuum pump for backup. (7) can be put into the system to start the vacuum pump started using function group. 2, the step into the deaerator (1) confirm the deaerator electric door starts exhaust, continuous exhaust bypass valve in an open position. (2) When the condensate system rinse qualified, open the door deaerator drainage wash, rinse deaerator Sheung Shui. (3) eliminates the oxygen water quality standards, the water level dropped -900mm, close deaerator drainage flush door. (4) administration deaerator auxiliary steam heating, to turn on the auxiliary deaerator steam isolation tone front door slowly open auxiliary steam pressure control valve to the deaerator, the deaerator feed water control temperature of not more than 4.26 ℃ / min, Note that during heating deaerator vibration, such as when a large vibration, the heating rate should be slow. (5) heating process deaerator administration, continue to use the deaerator Sheung condensate pump to the normal level. (6) When the temperature reached 100 deaerator deg.] C, the exhaust start off electric gate, the auxiliary steam to the deaerator into the automatic pressure regulating valve, check deaerator temperature of not more than 4.26 ℃ / min, deaerator pressure gradually rose to 0.147MPa. (7) auxiliary steam heating process, the water level should be controlled deaerator, vacuum is not established as the condenser, the overflow inhibited from opening, the electric drainage valve to the condenser. (8) the condensate system startup, if necessary, administered deaerator water level adjustment automatically. (9) when the four pumping pressure reaches 0.147MPa, check oxygen pressure, the water level is normal, open to four extraction electric valve deaerator, the deaerator cut four auxiliary steam for the steam extraction, auxiliary steam to the deaerator pressure regulating valve is closed, the deaerator by the constant pressure operation becomes sliding pressure operation. (10) when the extraction four electric valve check valve has been opened, four extraction check valve to the deaerator before the electric air trap closed. (11) continuously adjusting the electric door exhaust deaerator feed water under oxygen. 3, how the boiler deaerator outage (1) when the load is less than 20% of the rated load, the four drawers deaerator steam heating switching supplemented to maintain constant pressure operation 0.147MPa. (2) When the generator is stopped, as the case may decide whether to stop the deaerator Sheung. (3) If the outage deaerator more than two months, it should be used to protect the nitrogen, cut off all the steam source, water, water tanks exhausted than water, close the drain valve, the isolation comprehensive total nitrogen door open doors and isolation of deaerator nitrogen and maintain a certain pressure.

In early November, Luyi County, Henan Province Quality Supervision Bureau organized a safety inspection activities on the boiler in the area, ensure the safe use within the jurisdiction of the boiler in winter.

The main focus of inspection units use boilers to see through the following points:

First, the use of registration, maintenance, periodic testing situation.

Second, the establishment and implementation of the system and the rescue plan.

Third, if the boiler worker certificates.

Fourth, the operation of the boiler water treatment facilities.

To date, Luyi County Quality Supervision Bureau has complete supervision and inspection work on 11 units in the boiler, the inspection found problems and risks, monitor the instruction issued according to the law, clearly boiler rectification matter and time.

New classification of new energy boilers energy boiler is an energy conversion device, the energy input to the boiler chemical energy, electrical energy, a boiler with a steam output of the fuel in the constant heat, high temperature water or organic heat carrier. The original meaning refers to the pot on the fire heated containers that hold water heater which places combustion of the fuel, boiler and furnace boiler consists of two parts. Generating hot water or steam boiler may directly provide the necessary heat for industrial production and the people's life, by a steam power plant can be converted into mechanical energy, or through the generator converts the mechanical energy to electrical energy. Provide hot water boiler hot water boiler is called, is mainly used for domestic, industrial production also have a small application. Boiler steam is known as steam boilers, often referred to as boiler, used for power plant, ships, locomotives, and industrial and mining enterprises. Classification many new energy boiler, the boiler can be divided according to use, may be according to the structure, the type of fuel boilers points, but also by the form of the water cycle, the pressure classification. 1, by use classification boiler: boiler can be used for thermal power boilers and heating boilers. Power boiler comprising a power station boilers, marine boilers and boiler locomotive, corresponding to power generation, marine, and locomotive power dynamic. Heating boiler comprising a steam boilers, hot water boilers, hot tube boiler, stove and the heating medium heating furnace, to give a corresponding steam, hot water. Hot air and the heating medium and the like. 2, according to the body structure boiler Category: Boilers by the structure, divided into fire tube boilers and water tube boilers. Fire-tube boiler, including vertical and horizontal boiler boiler, water tube boilers and water tube boilers including horizontal, vertical, water tube boilers. 3, according to the boiler fuel type classification: according to the type of boiler fuel classified as coal-fired boilers, upgrade technology and oil-fired boiler and gas boiler coal-fired boiler, furnace oil and gas alternative --- pulverized coal boiler, gas boiler and other dual-use . Coal-fired boiler by combustion fired boilers can be divided into layers, and in fluidized bed firing boiler chamber. The latest fuel alcohol-based fuel boiler, he will greatly reduce the pollution of coal-fired boilers on the atmospheric environment. 4, classified according to the capacity of the boiler: evaporation amount of less than 20t / h is called a small boiler, evaporation to 75t / h is referred to as large boilers, evaporation of medium-boiler referred interposed therebetween. 5, according to the boiler pressure Category: 2.5MPa hereinafter referred to as a low-pressure boiler of the boiler, referred to above 6.0MPa high-pressure boiler, a pressure called medium pressure boiler interposed therebetween. In addition, ultra-high pressure boilers, boiler subcritical and supercritical boilers. 6, according to the form of boiler water circulation Category: boilers can be classified according to the form of water circulation boiler with natural circulation, forced circulation boiler (boiler including DC). 7, by device type classifier: can be divided package boilers, boiler assembly and bulk boilers. In addition, the form wall boiler, vacuum boilers and boiler modules.

Many users in the purchase of the boiler, the boiler type for "vacuum boiler" always have doubts, do not know what the concept of the boiler, can you use in your enterprise. Fast boiler manufacturers come to tell you about, what the fired vacuum hot water boiler seller Yes.