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“Tonne” or “steamed ton” is a popular term for borrowing a steam boiler supplier in batangas. It means that the heat supplied by the hot water boiler every hour is equivalent to the absorption of a certain mass (usually expressed in tons) of water from 20 ° C and full vaporization into steam. The heat.

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Fault troubleshooting and high pressure steam boiler supplier in batangas high pressure steam boiler by a high pressure apparatus commonly occurring, to achieve output energy than the normal pressure steam or hot water higher temperature transducer mounted device. Good quality high-pressure steam boiler temperature due to structural, long-lasting operation, reasonable water system advantages are widely used in various industries. But users in the use of high-pressure steam boiler will be some failures, grasp the essential method to exclude these faults. 1, high-pressure steam boiler overpressure failure phenomenon occurs. Failure performance; and a sharp rise in air pressure than the rated working pressure of the license, pressure gauge pointer significantly exceeds the red line area of ​​security, even after the safety valve still can not stop the rise in air pressure abnormality. Solution: immediately weakened rapidly warming temperatures, emergency shutdown, and manually open the release valve, while increasing water supply, sewage strengthen the lower drum to ensure normal water level in the boiler in order to reduce the temperature of the pot, thus reducing boiler drum pressure. Note: Do not solve the problem immediately turned to run, it should be full of high-pressure steam boiler inspection equipment parts line. 2, high-pressure steam boiler appeared full of water phenomenon. Failure performance: high-pressure steam boiler water level abnormal means that its water level even higher than the normal water level is invisible table, glass in the water table color warning colors. Solution: First, to determine the size of the full amount of water, mild or severe full of water filled with water; then close the water table, even on the water pipe open drainage action several times to see whether changes in water level can resume normal water level is slight filled with water, if found serious immediate shutdown should be filled with water and turn on the water, to conduct a comprehensive inspection. 3, high-pressure steam boiler water shortage phenomenon. Fault performance: a high pressure steam boiler water level is significantly low, and below the normal water line, while the boiler flue gas temperature is increased, the water flow can be significantly less than the flow rate of steam smell burning smell. Solution: emergency shutdown, but non-blind, add water to the boiler, to determine a good or a serious water shortage after severe water shortages in the slow addition of water to the boiler, and at the same time reducing fuel and strength of the wind blast. 4, the steam inside the high pressure steam boiler tube boiler occurs. Failure performance: to be greater than the amount of water in the boiler steam flow, although the increased water flow but still unable to maintain normal water level. Solution: In this case should be maintained to run at reduced load short time, until the boiler slow to a stop, and finally the withdrawal of the remaining water in the furnace, the furnace temperature and reducing the pressure, which is determined blast furnace and isolated from other steam main pipe. High pressure steam boiler in the course often due to improper external operation, maintenance or equipment unreasonable own merit, and many other different faults that may occur, the operator has some prior knowledge of and failure factors may arise, may try to avoid these improper handling pre precautions during use, it can also quickly determine if a failure occurred and remedial action.

How to extend the life of the condensing boiler supplier in batangas it? Condensing boiler demonstrated in actual use, the superior durability, reported that its service life than similar boiler has been greatly extended, and the failure rate among the working process of the device is very low, so there are many manufacturers or minerals enterprise, B & B businesses choose such products, while higher prices condensing boiler, so how should we extend the life of the condensing boiler it? First, the work of the professional standard condensing boiler has a corresponding intensity strength requirements, first of all to work intermittently at the operating frequency, do not affect the life of continuing work condensing boiler, while some of the non-condensing boiler for strength higher work environment, so the operator can do illegal operations, to ensure that condensing boilers operating within a predetermined intensity, to ensure that condensing boilers is pressed. Second, pay attention to maintenance inspection work within the structure of a condensing boiler requires constant maintenance slip to ensure the smooth flow of work, including the subsidiary structure condensing boiler is also in need of repair, so you want to attach importance to avoid small problems making it work performance as a whole generation impact on specific condensing boiler products also need to be selected and used in accordance with the relevant provisions, the condensing boiler has become a market leader. Third, pay attention to corrosion in addition to the above two points in daily use a condensing boiler you also need to pay particular attention to its antiseptic, corrosive substances directly cause the surface of the paint off, not only affects the appearance and long-term corrosion easily surface (metal) material a large area after etching damage or affect its working strength. Xiao Bian recommended the establishment of condensing boilers using evaluation forms, and make maintenance log condensing boiler, the depth of the state record of such equipment boilers in the process, and strictly enforced for maintenance work, so we can only improve their depth life greatly reduce the failure rate and service standards relevant parties condensing boiler maintainability is low, so only the latter can be avoided by maintaining the pre-damaged.