boiler Energy Saving Cheap Armenia

Low nitrogen boiler energy saving cheap armenia technology made a major breakthrough, however gratifying that through the unremitting efforts of domestic boiler companies, China's low-NOx combustion technology gradually into the world advanced list, catch up with a lot of foreign advanced technology.

Propose and discuss a number of issues on fuel steam boiler energy saving cheap armenia: For the boiler, the following will be the focus of discussion and explain, for fuel steam boiler which, because it is one of the sites boiler products, it is necessary to learning and understanding. That being the case, it will be through the Q & A format, to initiate and conduct specific, thus, increase everyone's familiarity with this A boiler. 1.3 tons of fuel steam boiler, its gas consumption per hour is how much? 3 tons of fuel steam boiler, its gas consumption per hour is 300 cubic meters. So, if it eight hours a day's work, then, that a day of gas consumption is 2,400 cubic meters. Therefore, specific numerical values, the time will depend on the specific work of the boiler, determined by it.

Many users are very concerned about the price of gas boiler energy saving cheap armenias, and now we have six tons of gas boiler, for example, the price of the main factors boiler decision analysis. Configuring the host and auxiliary equipment 6 tons of gas steam boilers are high, there are also low. Take the gas boiler, there is a horizontal three-pass structure, there are condensing structure, different furnace, different configurations, the boiler will affect the price. Factors determining boiler 6 tons of gas price: 1, where the boiler body, such as the production technique, the insulation effect and operation stability; 2, auxiliary configuration, such as configuration of the auxiliary level, load and manufacturers; 3, boiler case manufacturers themselves, such as construction time, brand awareness and so on.

4. Industrial boiler energy saving cheap armenia furnace structure comparison

Boiler furnace diameter compare is one of an important parameters. Many domestic furnaces carbon deposition and smoke tube have ash soot deposition, even the black smoke out from boiler after running some days. One of the main reasons is the small furnace diameter, atomized oil particles injected into the furnace burning on the wall due to the high temperature carbonization without burn. ZG boiler provide steam boiler, hot water boiler, power station boiler etc. The boiler furnace diameter and length can fully meet the requirements of combustion with sufficient space.