6 ton Distributor Commercial boiler Georgia

Top power plant CFB Boiler Design

ZG supply of top power plant CFB boiler design for power station. A single fluidizing grid is utilized in the bottom of the furnace under which there are separate air plenums introducing primary air to furnace. The primary air flow for these air plenums is measured and controlled separately to insure equal air flow to all sections of the grid and uniform fluidization. The single continuous fluidizing grid ensures simple control as well as a stable and uniform operation of the furnace.

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• Biomass fired FW CFB 6 ton distributor commercial boiler georgias have demonstrated wide fuel flexibility and high operation reliability over the decades.

10 Ton circulating fluidized bed(CFB) 6 ton distributor commercial boiler georgia designed by ZG include 10 ton circulating fluidized bed(CFB) steam boiler and 10 ton circulating fluidized bed(CFB) hot water boiler,both of them utilizes stationary design theory and CFB technology spectrum, to optimize and decrease the total stock of CFB with the theory of material balance and large particle combustion theory, thus forms circulating fluidized bed technology based on the reconstruction of fluid state.