Industrial Agent Price steam boiler 1 ton Vietnam

For general type industrial agent price steam boiler 1 ton vietnam for water hardness index it is very important. The level of boiler water hardness tends to affect fouling and corrosion problems later. If the gas boiler water boiler so that the boiler water hardness will be high due to evaporation fouling occurs, this time, hot water boiler, relatively speaking, more susceptible to corrosion. 3. boiler water treatment equipment problems

Recently, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, the municipal government issued "on the issuance of Shaoxing new coastal air quality standards carry special action program" (the "Notice"). "Notification" is mentioned: a ban on new biomass boilers, nine companies continued to promote the transformation of low-nitrogen gas boiler.

4. The built-up area to carry out bulk coal campaigns to strengthen the use of bulk coal production and life behavior of businesses and residents a comprehensive investigation and persuasion, to ban briquette production and sales, and increase legal coal quality supervision, strict penalties for substandard coal burning behavior.

2. carry out an intensive investigation, the establishment of various types of industrial furnaces inventory management, development of industrial furnaces depth remediation, complete elimination of the task assigned by the city. Strictly implement the relevant emissions regulations, can not reach the relevant requirements, the implementation of cut-off regulation.

3. Conduct brick kiln depth remediation, strict implementation of emission standards, enhance on-site inspection of law enforcement, monitoring, focus on examination of the "three simultaneous" implementation and pollutant emissions, on-site monitoring of the discharge port sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and other pollutants .

The construction of boiler requires that the installation of boiler has certain requirements to the construction of boiler room, and it must accord with the relevant requirements of the state in the process of construction. 1) the boiler house must conform to the regulations of Technical Supervision and Management of Energy Saving of Boiler and Design Code of Industrial Boiler House. 2) the boiler room should be adequately lit and well ventilated, and there should be necessary anti-freezing measures. And boiler rooms should be away from schools, housing and densely populated places. 3) the position of boiler room should be as close as possible to the heating equipment, so as to reduce the head loss of hot oil circulation pump and heat loss of pipeline. 2, Heat-load furnace equipment layout requirements 1 ) the oil storage tank shall be 1 metre lower than the lowest position of the heatload furnace and the heating system in order to clean up the organic heat carriers in the boiler and system, and the oil storage tank shall be spaced not less than 5 metres from the heat carrier furnace or separated by a partition wall. An exhaust pipe shall be installed on the oil storage tank and the diameter of the exhaust pipe shall be one specification larger than that of the expansion pipe. 2) the position of the expansion tank shall be higher than that of other equipment and pipes in the system, and the bottom of the expansion tank shall be 1.5 metres above the maximum liquid level of the system. Do not install directly above any boiler to prevent an organic heat carrier from spilling over to cause a fire. 3) the oil storage tank and the discharge pipe on the expansion tank shall be connected to an outdoor safe place. Valve not to be installed on discharge pipe to protect The storage tank, expansion tank and atmosphere are connected to ensure normal pressure operation. 4) the volume of the high expansion tank should be 1.3 times greater than that of all organic heat carriers in the heat carrier furnace and the whole heating pipe network system under the working temperature due to the thermal expansion. 5) the volume of low-level storage tank should not be less than 1.2 times of the total amount of organic heat carrier in heat carrier furnace. 6) keep at least 0.5 meters of space around the hot oil circulating pump to ensure daily inspection, installation and maintenance.

Overview of 10 Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler

10 ton coal fired steam boiler for sale in ZG Boiler adopts the latest combustion theory achievement of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and it is the fourth generation of chain grate boiler. It has the features of high output, high combustion efficiency, stable operation, wide range of overload adjustment. It can be adjusted to many kinds of coals, and it is energy saving, environmentally friendly and so on.

10 ton coal fired steam boileradopts to double drums structure, and the two sides of furnace adopt membrane water wall structure which can ensure the seal ability of the furnace and improve the boiler efficiency as well.