Fully Automatic 1t Energy Saving boiler Thailand

Fangkui Boiler aims to "warm the world", and we provide target customers worldwide with fully automatic 1t energy saving boiler thailand equipment and service guidance to meet their needs. At present, we have provided boiler equipment and solutions for customers in more than 80 countries and regions, including Russia and Bangladesh, to promote the production efficiency of customer enterprises.

How to choose a good quality fully automatic 1t energy saving boiler thailand and flue ash how to deal with? Boilers of this product familiarity and understanding that their knowledge elaboration and explanation, the following will continue, because this is one of the main sites and products in the important keywords, it will carry out this work, the right to achieve reasonable good using the product for this purpose and have good results, and will not adversely affect the result of incorrect use. 1. How to choose a good quality boiler? Want to choose good quality boiler, it should do the following two points are as follows: First, have a clear understanding of the needs, and to determine their own product can bear the price range, good further refine your selection; second is to choice of profession regular manufacturers to ensure product quality and good performance, then, to ensure that products have a good effect. 2. Does the production of boiler manufacturers boiler installation work can be carried out? Boiler manufacturing factory, it is possible to install the boiler work, but there is a reference standard for the "reconstruction unit boiler installation supervision and management rules," the standard, in this standard, the provisions of the boiler has been licensed manufacturing boilers production manufacturer, is the transformation of the unit can be installed and production of boilers, boiler installation without the need to obtain additional licenses. 3. How to deal with smoke and ash boiler? After the boiler combustion, it will produce smoke and ash, and direct discharge if not treated will cause environmental and air pollution, it becomes necessary to carry out this work to avoid these problems. Which in the specific treatment, a dust removal, desulfurization and denitration these, flue gas dust words, but also to select the appropriate treatment method according to particle size, if coarse particles, are employed and inertial forces separating gravity settling in at higher capacity, it is the use of centrifugal force dust separation. 4. Are there different types of boiler replenishment different way? Different types of boiler, which is a different way of replenishment, so on this issue, we can know that the answer is yes. Moreover, the distance can also be explained. If a steam boiler, which boiler feed pump is generally used replenishment, the replenishment of water and can be either a deaerator may be softened water tank, and is directly to the boiler feed water economizer in the boiler. If the hot water boiler, generally up to a circulating water return manifold to the supply pump is generally controlled by an automatic constant pressure device to ensure that the system has sufficient water cycle.

The purpose of using steam fully automatic 1t energy saving boiler thailands is to generate steam for heating, but when steam boilers produce steam they should not ignore the equipment, and more attention should be paid to it, because at this time the steam boiler will start to boost its pressure. At the same time, the saturation temperature of the furnace water also began to rise continuously. Due to the rising water temperature in steam boiler, the metal wall temperature of bubble and evaporative heating surface also begins to rise at any time. It is necessary to pay attention to the temperature of thermal expansion and thermal stress, because the wall thickness of bubble is thicker. The main problem in the process of boiler heating is thermal stress. At the same time, consideration should be given to the overall thermal expansion of the steam, especially in the case of steam. The tube of boiler heating surface, because of its thin wall thickness and long length, the problem in the process of heating up is the thermal expansion of the whole right. At the same time, we should pay attention to its thermal stress to prevent the failure caused by neglect. In the process of steam generating and rising pressure, there is a temperature difference along the wall thickness and between the upper and lower walls of the bubble. When the temperature of the inner wall is higher than that of the outer wall, the temperature of the upper wall is higher than that of the lower wall. In order to prevent excessive thermal stress, the boiler must be slowly raised. The steam parameters, the water level and the working condition of the components of the steam boiler are also changing in the process of ignition and pressure rise. So, for In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of abnormal conditions and other dangerous accidents, it is necessary to arrange professional staff to closely monitor the changes of all kinds of instrument instructions. By adjusting the pressure, temperature, water level and other process parameters within the normal allowed range, but also to assess the reliability and safety of various instruments, valves and other components. Only in this way can fully ensure the safe and stable operation of steam boiler. The higher the pressure of the steam boiler, the higher the energy consumption, and the pressure accepted by the corresponding steam equipment and piping and valve will also increase, which will also increase the protection and maintenance demand of the steam boiler. The rate of heat dissipation and loss of steam generated and transported will also increase. The salt content of the high pressure steam increases with the increase of the pressure. These salts cause the structure phenomenon of the heated area such as the water wall tube, the smoke pipe and the boiler tube, which lead to the phenomenon of superheat foaming, blocking and so on. Serious can lead to pipeline explosion and other dangerous accidents.

As a type of gas fired fully automatic 1t energy saving boiler thailand , WNS gas fired steam boiler is designed in three-pass flame tube/smoke tube structure with the rated evaporating capacity of 1-20 ton.The horizontal gas fired steam boiler for sale is characterized by a very compact construction.