6t boiler Factory Price Industrial

First, the simple structure, flexible and convenient module What is the 6t boiler factory price industrial? Simply put, is to split the previous single large boiler to a combination of several small boilers. Therefore, this combination can easily reach the whole scale of tons of single boiler, fully able to replace the current common ten rectify the conventional boilers. Since each small boiler spare each other, thus improving efficiency and safety of the inevitable, and has good capacity expansion properties. In addition, the module boilers and boiler construction area facilities less demanding, can reduce plant investment costs, thus improving profitability.

Running, causes changes in water level Boiler drum level change is the balancing substance (to balance the amount of water and evaporation) and the destruction of the working fluid status changes. When the water level remains constant equal to the amount of water evaporation; as 6t boiler factory price industrial feed water is greater than the amount of evaporation, the water level rises; evaporation to water is less than the water level decreases. However, even if the material balance, if the refrigerant changes state, the water level will continue to change, such as the furnace heat release mutation or mutations external load, and a saturated vapor pressure changes with temperature, so that the specific volume and the volume of water vapor in the water and changes in the number of bubbles caused by water level changes have occurred.

Boiler start and stop frequently to how to deal with? On-site operation of the 6t boiler factory price industrial load is low, gas consumption Japanese unstable gas pressure controller hysteresis little contact or poor contact can cause the boiler start and stop frequently. If they are relevant, must be timely treatment: 1. site boiler operating load of not less than 30% of gas consumption 2. Adjust the steady pressure difference 3. Replace the back pressure controller Note: If you are not taking into account the load is too small to burn machine start and stop frequently, then, like the modulating burners machine, start and stop the burner may be adjusted by trimming and setting the PID parameter deviation.

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