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"2018 bagasse boiler suppliers intelligent manufacturing, process and equipment development seminar" held in ZBG

In order to seek new breakthroughs in innovation and seize the opportunities of future economic and technological development, China has formulated the "Made in China 2025" action plan focusing on intelligent manufacturing. From the national strategic level, it depicts the grand blueprint for building and manufacturing a strong country, and establishes the strategic goal of developing into a manufacturing power. At the same time, it clearly proposes to develop intelligent equipment and products and promote the intelligentization of the manufacturing process. With the improvement of national environmental protection requirements, the structure of boiler products has undergone major changes, and higher requirements have been placed on the quality of product manufacturing. In order to cooperate with the implementation of "Made in China 2025" and the practice of intelligent manufacturing and digital workshop in the boiler industry, summarize the new achievements in the manufacturing process and equipment development of the boiler industry. Under this background, sponsored by the Industrial Boiler Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Zhengzhou The 2018 boiler intelligent manufacturing, process and equipment development seminar co-organized by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. was held, and nearly 100 industry experts attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Shanwu, Secretary General of the Industrial Boiler Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.

After a long period of use, the bagasse boiler suppliers will accumulate carbon. Boiler cleaning is aimed at the coking and carbon accumulation of the boiler in the process of operation. It is a good solution to the contradiction of boiler cleaning affecting production, and the conventional cleaning technology will produce a large amount of waste water. Let's take a look at it. 1. Decoking cleaning: adding diluted detergent to the boiler system and filling the boiler system with a high trough water level of 1 / 2. Amount of coke remover: 10% and 20% according to scale thickness to determine the specific dosage. Temperature: 90 ℃ 95 ℃, time: 12 h 72 hours, according to scale thickness can be determined. 2, rinse cleaning: boiler cleaning system after cleaning Rinse with clean water for 2 times until the coke cleaner is free of foam and the water is clear. Temperature: 85 ℃, 95 ℃, time: 5 hours. 3, blow the water step: after the boiler is cleaned, connect the air compressor at the pressure gauge or other connectable place, use compressed air to boost the system to 0.3 to 0.4 MPA, and empty at each low point, so repeated until the water is blown out.

Why is the bagasse boiler suppliers discharging?

The purpose of boiler blowdown:

April 17, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, the municipal government issued the "Nantong City 2019 air pollution control program of work" ( "Program"). "Plan" is mentioned: Nantong City, 153 Taiwan bagasse boiler suppliers regulation reform, which involves natural gas boilers, biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers; renovation project and will continue to implement ultra-low emission coal-fired units, a total of six thermal power companies more than 10 sets of 75 tons of steam / hour implementation of ultra-low emission coal-fired boilers.

1, the implementation of total coal consumption control. Strict control of the city's total coal consumption, focus more non-power industry scale industrial enterprises in coal consumption, ensure the completion of the province for cut coal task, the city's coal consumption in 2019 than in 2016 to reduce 2.46 million tons. Strictly implement the "Interim Measures for commercial coal quality management," restrictions on the marketing and use of ash ≥16%, sulfur ≥1% of bulk coal. A ban on new coal-fired heating boilers, and strictly control new coal-fired power projects along the Yangtze River in addition to the common back-pressure coal-fired units no new coal-fired power generation, heating project.

2, to promote the integration of thermoelectric project implementation. Coal-fired boiler with a takeover condition within a radius of 15 km of promoting heating above 300,000 kilowatts of large units and small cogeneration units shut down integration. Hoi Mei Ah thermoelectric Ltd. law shut down two coal-fired units totaling 27,000 kilowatts, the letter Qidong Taiwan 12,000 kilowatts coal-fired units.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of the boiler. Establish a list of the city's boiler management. Before the end of 2019, 35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boilers and total phase law or clean energy alternative embodiment, suitable in accordance with the electric power, gas and other appropriate gas the regulation principle; promote clean coal utilization, promote clean and efficient coal-fired boiler , 65 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler and above all ultra-low emissions and complete energy transformation; promote the transformation of low-nitrogen gas boilers, in principle, after the transformation of nitrogen oxide emissions concentration up to 50 mg / m, and in accordance with the corresponding boiler safety requirements. Urban built-up area of ​​ultra-low emission biomass boilers implement reform; the remaining boiler with all the special emission limit requirements. Boiler renovation project completed in 2019 153.

4, to further promote the ultra-low emission coal-fired thermoelectric renovation project. Ultra-low emission coal-fired units continue to implement reconstruction project for six thermoelectric companies 10 75 steam tons / hour and over the implementation of ultra-low emission coal-fired boilers transformation. (Municipal Bureau of ecological environment lead)

5, along actively embodiment desiccant fumes off white coal-fired units. Huaneng Power International, Inc. Nantong Power Plant, Jiangsu Nantong Power Generation Co., Ltd. Nantong Tianshenggang power generators and Nantong Acetate Fiber Co., Ltd., Nan Ya Plastics Co., Ltd. and other companies implement flue gas dehumidification off white works.

6, the implementation of pollution control industrial furnaces special action. City casting, iron alloy, metal smelting and regeneration, glass, ceramics, tiles, refractory materials, lime, waterproof materials, fertilizers, inorganic salts, calcium carbide, etc., according to the melting furnace, the melting furnace, sintering machine (furnace), baking ( calcined) burning furnace, a heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, a drying furnace (kiln), coke oven gas furnace nine types of trades to carry out an intensive investigation. Closely integrated with the second census of pollution sources, establish a management inventory end of June 2019.