Energy Saving Agent 8 ton boiler Cyprus

Series energy saving agent 8 ton boiler cyprus fuel, heavy fuel oil if of course not, because pollution will be very serious, but if methanol fuel is no problem, as is eco-friendly. But the budget is not high customers, methanol fuel cost is too high, is not suitable for them.

Our hospital requirements for environmental protection, health and safety in these areas is very high, for a wide variety of market energy saving agent 8 ton boiler cyprus is also very headache and confusion, there fast boiler solve the above problem, the boiler set clean environment to provide for our hospitals and efficient operation in one, coincides with the philosophy of our hospital. --customer feedback

Experts for you to order: a energy saving agent 8 ton boiler cyprus chemical cleaning process, the purpose of chemical cleaning chemical cleaning is the main method to reduce boiler corrosion effects, by using the method of chemical vapor boiler system in a variety of sediment, metal oxides and other impurities, and forming a metal surface protective film. It is due to reduce corrosion of boiler heating surface structures and sedimentary deposits caused by poor thermal and moisture contamination, an important measure to ensure that the boiler safe and stable operation of the economy. Second, the range of chemical cleaning of a newly installed boiler (either direct current or a furnace drum furnace). 2, has been running the boiler. 1) drum boiler, the boiler water system of a general cleaning of the body only. 2) only the DC furnace cleaning and high pressure water system of a boiler heater. Third, the chemical cleaning of boiler chemical cleaning mode and flow two ways soaking, flow of the cleaning is frequently used, can be divided into flows for all kinds of furnace cleaning cycle cleaning method, cleaning method for DC open boiler and dosing or the use of the cleaning liquid directly into the outfall EDTA complexing low pressure natural circulation boiler cleaning. Fourth, the chemical cleaning process step of the general process rinse water system, the transition boiling alkali, alkaline wash water rinsing, pickling, rinsing water after pickling, rinsing and passivation. 1. water washing new boiler system, the water must be flushed during chemical cleaning. Clarified water or industrial water filtration period after rinsing is available, the flushing flow rate is generally 0.5 ~ 1.5m / s. Rinse with water to reach the end of a transparent and free of impurities prevail. Its purpose is to remove the internal pipe corrosion products and other impurities and some deposits generated during operation. Meanwhile, the case of smooth and tight loops whereby the inspection system may, in particular, parallel tube rows arranged in the vertical, if the phenomenon will affect the quality of the gas plug. Also not to participate there will be more severe acid corrosion when cleaning part can not be filled with liquid protection. 2. The caustic soda boiling or soda boiling embodiment only the new boiler, the furnace in the boiling process, the sewage from the bottom need 2 to 3 times, changing the water after cooking a lot furnace. The concentration of water to be discharged close to the boiler water and normal, and the Ph value dropped to about 9, the temperature dropped to 70 ~ 80 ℃, to discharge all the water. After boiling out of boiler internal inspection cope, the metal surface requires no rust and corrosion products, and the passivation film to complete the formation. Deposited on the drum should also be clear, dirt etc. header. Caustic after degreasing acid washing, or cleaning cycle should be generally and soaking cycles combined. After clarification by filtration caustic water, demineralized water, or in addition to brine, washing water to Ph≤8.4, quality transparent. If the sulfate scale, high silicate content, to improve the cleaning effect, the transformation may be performed before alkali cooking acid. Effect of water washing after acid pickling and pickling is 3. deposits on the metal wall into the insoluble salts or soluble complexes, dissolved in the cleaning solution, then when the waste liquid discharge drain. Cleaning solution must strictly control the temperature of the pickling solution during the pickling, cycle rate, the acid level of the groove drum and the like, and recorded hourly examination cycle time, record truthfully problems. When the cleaning cycle each circuit to a predetermined time, and measuring the concentration of the acid concentration of iron ions should be strengthened. When each circuit in the pickling solution ferric ion concentration and acid concentration and stable balance, pickling is expected to end, the detection tube can be removed to check the cleaning effect, when the inner pipe is still dirt to be monitored in the pipe system Replacing continue cleaning to clean the monitoring pipe, the circulation should IH, stopped before pickling. Activated metal surface to prevent secondary rust, at the end of pickling acid should not be used directly by the process of emptying the flushing water on again, a purity of greater than 97% of the available continuous ejection nitrogen waste acid, may also be desalinated when the flow rate of ejection waste acid, the acid using variable flow ejection flushing water, flushing water flow rate should be cleaned to achieve more than doubled. Possible to shorten the washing time, rinse water to the discharge liquid Ph value of 4 to 4.5, until the iron content of less than 50mg / L. After large amount of deposits or scale boiler, pickling if more undissolved dead sediment deposited during the cleaning apparatus system, can be washed in water to a Ph value of 4 to 4.5, and then clear the drainage artificially sediment and boiler set box. After washing with this method, you can rinse passivation. 4. Rinse and rust passivating rinse pretreatment passivation i.e., ability to use citrate chelated iron ions, iron ions and residual acid in the system and rinsing the metal surface may occur secondary rust removal. Passivation treatment object is to wash the metal surfaces to form a protective film against corrosion, to prevent corrosion after cleaning, but also for the operation to generate a more solid basis of the magnetic iron oxide protective film good. Top with nitrogen or aqueous acid, and in the case of the pot does not contact the metal-free air may be rinsed with a secondary rust generated after the acidic water rinse, if back, rinsing should be carried out. Must be passivated (except a complete outer passivation cleaning EDTA) the total concentration of iron ions, such as passivated after rinsing, rinsing fluid is not less than 300mg / L after pickling boiler. Exceeds the value, the application of heat deaerator water rinse to replace part of the iron ion concentration is less than this value. The passivation process, the test sample should be regular, such as 1/2 of the initial concentration passivation solution concentration falls, the passivation solution should be supplemented.

Gas-fired, natural gas as a fuel, the heat medium water is heated by the burner, then heat, heating and life, bath with hot water. Now with better production line, a high degree of intelligence energy saving agent 8 ton boiler cyprus, heating speed, low noise pollution, no dust, it is a very suitable for our country's economic environment-friendly hot boiler products.