Wood-Based Panel Industry Natural Gas Vacuum Boiler Price

Steam wood-based panel industry vacuum boiler prices are one of the most fundamental systems of a oil refinery and use of water in a oil refinery is makeup for boiler feed. The chief uses of steam are for stripping, steam distillation, and vacuum distillation. The steam comes in contact with the products in these operations, and generally the steam condensate is so highly contaminated that it cannot be reused for boiler feed or for other purposes.

Henan local structure vacuum wood-based panel industry vacuum boiler price furnace fast vacuum hot water boiler is divided into two portions, wherein the lower half of a structure similar to the second and third boiler shell flyback steam boiler, i.e. heating surface and furnace flue thereof; and the top portion a vacuum chamber (vacuum vapor chamber), which is provided with a tubular interior space of the vapor - water heat exchanger for heating circulating water flowing through the heat exchanger. The operating principle: vacuum hot water boiler is running, the negative pressure in the vacuum furnace body heat medium water absorbs heat energy released by burning fuel, Boiling water circulating system encounters a stainless steel heat exchanger of the low temperature steam, low temperature steam rises, heating recycled water to users for heating or hot water. Itself is cooled steam condenses into water droplets fall to the surface again after the heating medium is heated, thereby completing the entire cycle. Heating medium water constantly in a closed body of "boiling evaporation == == == heat medium condensed water" cycle, so no condensation water supplement, dry and no danger. Vacuum hot water boiler using soda condensation heat, all heat exchangers operating condition, soda condensation heat transfer coefficient is the highest.

Effect of wood-based panel industry vacuum boiler price efficiency vacuum indicators are carrying a group of Chinese incentive impressive motion coal to natural gas using a vacuum boiler fouling greatly reduces contamination, together with nitrogen oxides and other hazardous discharge gas compression is obtained. Efficiency is a key indicator of a measure of navigation vacuum boiler, behind a number of incentives to explore under the influence of vacuum boiler efficiency indicators. Through the relevant departments of the test, vacuum heat loss from the boiler of the more important of two parts: the air combustion and emissions related to smoke than heat loss unreasonable. Reducing the particulate emission can be retrofitted chimney heat loss in the waste heat boiler vacuo reused tail configuration, or using more advanced functions FGR boiler. Decomposition ratio of the combustion air fully unsuitable unreasonable: conventional vacuum ejector boiler combustion engine, air-fuel ratio resulting in no way be flexibly adjusted. More vacuum boiler using a mechanical blower burner, causing air-fuel ratio unreasonable incentives are the following: the more important air-fuel ratio unreasonable situation can be divided into two kinds: when the airflow too much, there will be countless excess cold It is the action of heat, causing increased power consumption vacuum boiler, vacuum low boiler efficiency index; when the airflow is not enough, there will be incomplete burning was caused by low boiler efficiency index in vacuo.

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