Energy Saving hot water boiler 4t Dealer Bhutan

Second, increase the boiler water treatment, boiler safety protection measures

1. increase supervision of boiler water treatment

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Details of boiler boiler periodic inspection during operation, the pressure member at high temperature and pressure vapor medium effect at high temperature flames external radiation or smoke erosion, corrosion may occur, deformation, wear, fouling, burnt, leakage and other defects, It will appear fouling, coking phenomenon, if not timely detection and timely eliminate hidden dangers, could result in equipment damage, may lead to serious life and property losses. Visible boiler periodic inspection is very important. According to "Provisional Regulations on Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision" and "Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision", "Hot Water Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), the State Quality and Technical Supervision Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Bureau has developed "boiler periodic inspection rules." Fast boiler for you regarding the removal of an important part of a regular inspection of boilers for everyone to share: fourth regular inspection of boilers includes external inspection, internal inspection and hydrostatic test three types: external test means that the boiler in operating state examination of the security situation of the boiler; 2, internal inspection means to inspect boilers security in a boiler shutdown state; 3, hydrostatic pressure test is a test boiler water as a medium, a predetermined boiler pressure strength and tightness testing member performed. Article boiler external inspection is generally carried out once a year, usually internal inspection once every two years, the general pressure test once every six years. For internal inspection of the boiler can not be, should be pressure test every three years. Internal pressure test and inspection cycle power plant boiler may be appropriately adjusted in accordance with the overhaul cycle power plant. Only when the internal inspection, external inspection and hydrostatic testing are within the acceptable period, the boiler can be put into operation. Article 6 except for normal periodic inspection, the boiler of the following circumstances, the following test should be conducted. External inspection: 1, the start reassembling the boiler put into operation; 2, the boiler stopped running more than a year to recover; 3, combustion and boiler safety automation system after the change. Internal inspection: 1, the newly installed boiler after one year; 2, to move equipment before the boiler put into operation; 3, boiler stop running more than a year before returning; 4, the pressure elements are important repairs or renovation and re-run after 5, according to the results of previous internal inspection and boiler operation, there are doubts about the safety and reliability of equipment;; 6 after a year, according to test results and external boiler operation, safety and reliability of the equipment when there is doubt. Hydrostatic Test: 1, reassembling the boiler before put into operation; 2, the pressure receiving element after major repair or reconstruction. Article VII When internal inspection, external inspection and hydrostatic test carried out in the same period, should be followed by an internal inspection, hydrostatic testing and external testing. Article 8 Units and boiler inspectors engaged in inspection work should qualify the project and the corresponding level in accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Agency. Article IX of the boiler using the unit, the unit should be carefully examine the implementation of this rule; Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Organization to oversee the implementation of this rule. Article X boiler unit boiler should be submitted in the prescribed periodic inspection of boiler units before the date of the inspection and periodic inspection applications. Use the integrated test units each test date unit boiler inspection plan worked out, and notify the boiler unit.

In summary, the industrial boiler energy-saving system energy-saving, software energy-saving and hardware energy-saving measures. We should make effective use of steam, recycle and utilize waste heat steam. Heat preservation of all kinds of pipes, using heat pipe heat exchanger, steam accumulator and other devices for energy conservation. Great economic benefits can be obtained by using energy saving hot water boiler 4t dealer bhutan heating, central heating in regional boiler room, co-generation of heat and power generation with excess pressure to improve the utilization rate of energy. Here is a brief introduction to some basic and common energy-saving measures, there are many energy-saving measures waiting for us to study and use. As long as we really attach importance to the conservation and rational use of energy, we should adopt all kinds of Effective measures can continuously improve the energy efficiency of industrial boilers, make the limited energy sources play a greater role, and lay a solid material foundation for the development of the national economy.(14) what are the reasons for boiler scaling?