steam boiler Fully Automatic Industrial 1t Cyprus

In mid-June this year, Hebei Province issued a notice regarding the development of gas-fired boiler nitrogen oxides (referred to as NOx) governance, in order to further deepen the boiler pollution control, reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions, improving air quality, will gradually nitrogen oxides exceeded boiler discharged for investigation and control work, high nitrogen oxide emissions from the original (150mg / Nm3 or above) is reduced to 30mg / Nm3. City, Hebei Province is located in the Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. to respond positively to governance EPA gas boiler NOx reduction, and led the way, three of the company's existing 15 steam tons / hour (t / h) gas steam boiler fully automatic industrial 1t cypruss for low-nitrogen emissions transformation.

Water tube boiler, which has several structural forms, its advantages and where?

According to statistics fast boiler, water tube boiler on the market currently has four structural forms, namely D, A-type, O-and-tube angle structure.

Fourth, the furnace structure

One of boiler furnace diameters are also very important (design) parameters.

Gas-fired steam boiler fully automatic industrial 1t cyprus can be installed in the basement they often ask users can not install the boiler in the basement or roof level. This issue involves more thing, if it is pressure hot water boiler, quality control section and the fire department might agree with your installation, if steam boiler, with the kind of pressure I'm afraid a bit difficult. The boiler pressure and divided into two pressurized gas steam boiler pressure hot water boiler heating system refers to a boiler without pressure, usually does not install any pipe valve is always open to the atmosphere is generally not explode, the safety performance it is good. Pressure boiler does not belong to special equipment, does not require special approval, and boiler with pressure you need to go through a series of examination and approval procedures.