steam boiler 6t Hot Selling Commercial Cyprus

To antifreeze to choose according to the specific case of a small gas steam boiler 6t hot selling commercial cyprus plumbing system according to the temperature selected for the small gas steam boiler antifreeze. Small material gas steam boiler and plumbing system made of aluminum alloy should be used in antifreeze silicates, for the system of cast iron, it is necessary to add corrosion inhibitors, PH value is adjusted between 8-9; To purchase by the National designated testing station tested and antifreeze products, the use of substandard product causes corrosion of the heating system. If small gas steam boiler plumbing system had not using antifreeze, before adding antifreeze to flush plumbing systems; to choose a different freezing point of antifreeze according to the temperature region of use antifreeze. Antifreeze freezing point should be lower than the historical low temperature in the region of 5-10 ℃; can not mix different brands of antifreeze, so as not to damage their overall corrosion resistance. Small gas steam boiler after a period of use, antifreeze will be deficient, then first check the density of antifreeze. If small gas steam boiler antifreeze density is not increased, which is caused due to the leakage should be added for the same grade antifreeze; if the density is decreased, which is caused due to water evaporation, should be added to distilled or deionized water.

Location of gas boiler design steps typically mounted gas boiler constructed separate boiler room. Boiler room should not be directly in the room gathered many people (such as public baths, classrooms, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.) or at the top, bottom, or the immediate neighborhood of the main evacuation port on both sides. New boiler room and the house should not be connected to the boiler room is adjacent to other buildings, adjacent wall as a firewall. Boiler room floor should be smooth step-free, and should prevent accumulation of water.

Electrical installation condensing boilers require all wires to the connector, the connector mounted in the socket. Removed from the receptacle connector without loosening the wire. Located on the back of the monitor connector, to remove the front panel and the boiler connector shields visible. Boiler operation requires a grounded power 230VAC50HZ. When you are working on the boiler, please disconnect the power. Electrical wiring must comply with national or other special local standards. Electrical engineering must be performed by qualified skilled electrical installation engineer. 1, following the line L - 2 neutral and ground connections, wire cross-section of greater than or equal 1.5mm23, any electrical wiring in accordance with the operation of the system of FIG. 4, to ensure reliable grounding boiler 5, and the power supply wire to the principles of the indoor thermostat hot surfaces (outlet line ) 6. If you do not follow the above operation will cause damage to the boiler.

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