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Boiler water softening equipment failure, what are the reasons? 1, the definition of high efficiency 4t boiler manufacturers vietnam water softening device: the device is a boiler water softening water treatment process and means for the introduction of boiler scale length, place the raw water calcium and magnesium ions and cause boiler scale length of the original element. 2, water softening equipment Working principle: Since the hardness of the water formed mainly of calcium, magnesium, and expressed, it is generally cation exchange resin (softener), the C2 +, Mg2 + (the main component of scale formation) to displace the water, as the resin Ca2 +, Mg2 + increases, the resin is removed Ca2 +, Mg2 + decreased performance. When the amount of resin-absorbing calcium and magnesium ions, it must be regenerated, the regeneration process is the salt brine rinse tank resin layer, the resin on the hardness ions displace, with the regeneration waste discharge tank, the resin He resumed softening exchange. Since the hardness of the water main is formed and said that due to the hardness of water is mainly formed of calcium, magnesium, and shows the principle of sodium ion exchange softening process is raw water through a sodium cation exchange resin, the hardness components in the water of Ca2 +, Mg2 + and the calcium, magnesium, resin Na + exchanged to adsorb water Ca2 +, Mg2 +, the water is softened. Conversion of hard water softening chemical equation: calcium removal: CaCO3 + 2NaCl = CaCl2 + Na2CO3 magnesium removal: MgCO3 + 2NaCl = MgCl2 + Na2CO33, boiler water softening equipment control valve type: <1>, semi-automatic (manual) valves < 2>, automatic flow control valve <3>, automatic time control valve 4, because of excessive hardness of the soft water boiler water softening equipment analysis hardness is soft boiler water softening equipment of the analysis: 1, soft water sampling port in the device detection is qualified, but the soft water hardness exceeded in the tank, because the cause of this phenomenon is as follows: a, the regeneration cycle is set too large, the flow meter measurement malfunction caused or allowed, when the present reproduction resin regeneration failure to , resulting in excessive water is injected into the soft water tank. B, the washing time is short, so this should be washed away waste brine is brought to the portion of the soft water tank in the washing positive. C, pressure instability caused by salt water supply replenishment tank is too small, too little absorption of salt, the washing is insufficient, which can be caused by any one after the regenerations excessive water hardness, soft water tank affect water quality. D, salt in brine tank When a small, failed to add, resulting in poor regeneration of a particular effect. E, improper operation, the water supply valve to close at a certain time during reproduction. The above error can be caused by any one of a large number of short-term excessive water tank soft water, soft water for a long time need for qualified excessive dilution soft water before the water in the tank to re-compliance. Boiler water softening equipment hardness is soft Analysis: detecting a plurality of times in soft water sampling port device, are unqualified, this case is divided into the newly installed device softener initial excessive water hardness test and apparatus are discussed with soft water hardness is: A, Cause newly installed device softener initial excessive water hardness test: a pipe junction and the control valve O-ring seal is not formed, should check:. l the length of the central tube is enough, if the outer diameter to meet the requirements 2 forget to install O-ring seal is broken 3.O shaped tube breakage b center cracks. The ratio of the height of the feed water TDS value c and the resin layer is too large. Ratio d feedwater TDS value exchange capacity of the resin is too large. e reversed out of the outlet. The reason the device B using soft water softener excessive hardness: a feed water TDS value ratio of the resin or the resin layer height of exchange capacity is too large. Compared with the first test the new resin in water, with a TDS value of the feed water softener device more stringent requirements, when the resin layer height of 1.5 m, a total hardness of 13mmol / L, the feed water TDS value ≥900mg / L, ensuring soft water hardness ≤0.03 mmol / L will be more difficult. b resin poisoning, aging due to reduced exchange capacity of the resin. Soft water hardness exceeded caused by such reason is a gradual process, not a sudden obviously exceeded. c amount of salt in the salt tank is too small. When the salt water tank normally, but less than 1/3 of the height of the salt water height, absorption of salt brine in the absorption step is likely late unsaturated, resulting in concentration after dilution with brine ejector below the regeneration requirements effect regeneration. The total amount of water in the brine tank d is too small, the resin tank is our experience 100L each resin, the amount of water needed in the brine tank is about 35-40L, much less than this will lead to insufficient regeneration. e brine slow absorption, in the normal time, the suction is not sufficient saline, for the following reasons: l 2 vertical feed water pressure is too low sediment and other debris cloth congested water hose 3 wastewater deformation and bending caused by the discharge the inner resin layer 4 poor waste too many impurities 5 Brine point pipeline leaks, air is drawn into the ejector 6 has an air check valve failure foreign matter 7, the softening or blocked off in advance of the ejector 8 small boiler Selection water hardness is soft reason analysis apparatus: a large number of resin kettle presence of gas, the gas may be derived from the feed water with air, or slowly washing the process air check valve closed lax. f large grain non-iodized salt is not used. g internally controlled valve leakage Hard: hourglass hard, often have the general internal control valve soft water outlet and wastewater outlet while the water, but 64D or 74A series, may be formed in the drain through holes in the ceramic movable piece, if this intraspecific drain, flush position is positive, can be detected in the waste water passing port soft water, but into the operating position, soft water hardness exceeded.

The composition of the rice husk and the reactions that can take place in the combustion chamber and on high efficiency 4t boiler manufacturers vietnam tubes are major contributory factors to the level of sintering, slagging, fouling and corrosion. It is thus very important that ash elemental analysis; a good knowledge Of ash composition, and the impact these have on the boiler at high temperatures and pressures are taken into account in the initial boiler design.

Steam high efficiency 4t boiler manufacturers vietnam hot water boiler to common problems with rapid cooling rate and heat capacity of the temperature difference with a smaller two major advantages, which can increase the range of applications of heat transfer equipment unit, designed to increase the scope of process design heat transfer operation, and offers the possibility of some previous designs by heat, or thermal heat transfer rate limitations, such as small temperature difference heat recovery, cooling temperature difference is small, quick and precise temperature control and the like. So that it is possible, due to the plate heat exchanger are thin, although the heat exchanger. It should minimize the thermal deviation of each parallel tube heat set, for return into the boiler system should be taken to adjust the allocation. For general low temperature hot water boilers, hot water flow, the natural distribution may be employed, i.e. the amount of water entering each of the parallel pipes is set according to the size of the case and the heat resistance of each line of the natural distribution tube groups. NATURAL distribution structure is simple, but the difference in the safety and reliability of operation of the boiler, boiler for hot water, a relatively small amount of water, the natural distribution should not be used, but should be adjusted using the dispensing valve, according to the size of the heat pipe heat load group, the respective supply circulating water, to ensure that each parallel circuit outlet water temperature or less. In this case, the respective bias circuits outlet temperature within 10 degrees Celsius. Hot water boiler heating remodeled inner tube must maintain a certain flow rate to ensure that the heated cooling tube, to prevent oxygen corrosion and deposition of impurities in the water. For the downstream heat pipes should maintain sufficient water velocity. After the modification, should minimize stagnant water regions within the drum, particularly at the ends of the drum, or likely to cause oxygen corrosion, in order to precipitate and remove the water gas, the exhaust gas should be provided at the highest point of the respective loop boiler valve. When converted into a forced circulation hot water boilers, it shall be provided to prevent a sudden power outage, causing water vapor pot of measures to stop the pump.

Around at 6:00 on November 22, Guang'an City, Sichuan Province Economic Development Zone Industrial Zone, a company Newbridge burst distillation kettle explosion, the roof 20 square meters of workshop collapse occurred, had not resulted in a fire, but there are four people were injured, It has been transferred to hospital for treatment.

Suddenly the accident, the specific reasons unknown, Guang'an City, the municipal government attaches great importance to the explosion, immediately launched an emergency contingency plans, multi-power Guangan Economic Development Zone, safety supervision, environmental supervision, public security and fire protection, first time to scene to carry out rescue and subsequent disposal.

Distillation pot is directed chemical production still pot used in this step, also has a greater risk of leakage and fire accident-prone equipment. In recent years, leaking reactor, distillation kettle and other equipment, fire, explosion accidents occur frequently, mainly because often kettle equipped with a toxic, harmful hazardous chemicals, the accident consequences more serious than the general explosion, either to persons or property caused serious irreversible effects.

Distillation is one essential step in many process industries such as chemical industry, brewing, paper, food processing, it will involve the distillation process. Steam boiler equipment for the needs of enterprises to provide a distillation excellent choice. Steam boiler steam output, after a series of treatment steps of cooling, purification, extraction, etc., provides excellent quality of distilled water, for the production needs.

Fang fast has a very rich experience in R & D, manufacturing and sales of natural gas steam boilers, since practitioners, R & D and innovation has always insisted on clean fuels. One condensing gas steam boiler, gas steam boiler water, ultra-low nitrogen gas steam boiler ...... date, more than 200 kinds of types of boilers.

Over-temperature protection, over voltage protection, abnormal power protection, scale online monitoring, frost protection, the water level is too high, too low to protect and increase water protection than the traditional four fifth protection mechanism, so a series of protective measures, all-round to ensure the safety and reliability of operation of steam boilers, select the users of our products is very much at ease, peace of mind.