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Take water electric boilers run the wind causes and solution? Take water electric boilers run the wind causes and solution? Electric boilers during the installation process involves a lot of running wind (exhaust valve), complete installation of electric boilers in normal circumstances a former first not to rush power-cycle test must have to carry out, and sometimes when the test will find out electric boiler stomata to take water, here we have points down why. This phenomenon is mainly because the electric boiler installation errors, the circulating pump installed in the water at the electric boiler. Backwater than the electric boiler water volume. When the return is greater than the amount of water into the water, it will form a counter-current, natural vent will form a bubble, that is, we usually say that vents to take water. Solution of this problem is the location of the circulation pump is installed correctly on OK.

Car accessories types of complex processing, such as the interior wall Peng, floor, seats, instrument panels, sound systems, many processes required in a high temperature environment, the temperature becomes optional metrics wind Visteon hot water boiler. It is reported that Dongfeng Visteon existing boiler equipment can not reach the growing production needs, the introduction of fast boiler production of two parties often piezoelectric hot water boiler (CWDR1.8-95 / 70-II) in 2017.

Causes and prevention of chemical plant boiler explosion: causes and preventive measures chemical plant boiler explosion, the explosion occurred in a chemical plant boilers, analyze the causes and preventive measures boiler explosion in a chemical factory, it can all be on the news or on TV saw the explosion of a chemical plant in the news, resulting in a double loss of personnel and property. So, we need to reason and the boiler explosion prevention measures are to have a detailed understanding of. Overpressure rupture boiler operating pressure exceeds the agreed maximum working pressure, the stress exceeds the limit stress component data. Overpressure conditions often fail due to safety relief devices, pressure gauge misalignment, overpressure alarm equipment failure, severe water shortages caused by improper handling incidents. Heat Failure burn hot plate, component damage caused strength decreases. Usually dry because of water shortage. Fouling too thick, there is a pot of water caused by asbestos rubber pull people off other foreign matter such as grease or drum within reason. Caustic embrittlement due to corrosion failure of the element strength. Crack and split by the groove elements alternating stress effect, produce fatigue crack, and the combined effect of etching, opening into a groove-shaped thinned. Water hammer due to damage caused by improper operation of the system soda water hammer, the pressure receiving member was strong effect of additional stress and failure. Repair, renovation unreasonable formation of boiler explosion hazard. Congenital shortcomings planning mistakes, force structure, terms of thermal compensation, the water cycle, timber, strength accounting, security facilities and other serious fault. Making mistakes, wrong information, not according to the drawings, the quality of low-quality welding, heat treatment, such as hydraulic test process standards fault caused. What measures can prevent chemical plant boiler explosion it? Avoid over-pressure approach: a reasonable set, timing alignment, proper security protection in width, pressure gauge, water table; avoid overheating approach: a reasonable set, monitoring, repair, wash water table, avoid water, avoid fouling and foreign object into the grease drum; avoid corrosion measures: water quality objectives should comply with national regulations and standards relevant skills, strengthen the repair and maintenance; avoid groove crack: not cold and hot temperatures, reducing the alternating stress, easy to see from the slot position, timely repair; avoid water hammer: note hydrophobic soda system, adhere to the water level stable. No anomalies water level; strengthen inspection planning, production supervision and inspection repair, renovation of the review, to eliminate potential accidents.

Henan gas boiler maintenance procedures 1, minor repairs Contents 1), poor repair electrical burner control and poor contact and lubricating mechanical parts. 2), to check the tightness of the pump motor base. 3), the high pressure portion does not move, the processing furnace run external device, run, drip, leak and other irregularities. 4), Maintenance Henan gas boiler feed pumps and water clean-up processor. 2, repair contents 1), Henan check process gas boiler drum, heating pipes, coupling flanges, joints, welds, valve leakage and other irregularities. 2) Check the heat insulating layer, reinforcing layer and the inner liner in good condition given process. 3), repair gas boiler accessories Henan, to make it run properly. 3, overhaul Contents 1), including all small repair projects. 2) Check processing pipeline, the cylinder surface cracks, folds Diego, localized corrosion, deformation of the bumps, local overheating fault. 3), the cleaning (chemical or manual) boiler fouling. 4) to measure the wall thickness of an important part of Henan gas boiler. 5), an important component of dismantling the burner, spare parts to replace important. 6), dismantling Henan gas boiler economizer and condenser. 4, using the observed mass maintenance, beating, pressing manner acceptance test machine. 1), each of the leak intact, pressurized to 1.25 times design pressure for 20 minutes without leakage. 2), the heat insulating layer, a reinforcing layer of the inner liner intact. 3), steam, no heating pipe vibration, the stent stable, reliable fastening. 4), Henan gas boiler attachment intact rate should reach 98%. 5), the cylinder, the heating tube should be free of surface cracks, folds Diego, where local overheating deformation. 5, small repair acceptance by the operator, maintenance worker co overhaul. Minor repairs by the operator, maintenance worker self-inspection, repair and acceptance by the production department officer, overhaul by the manufacturer to contact the relevant department of the special department inspection and acceptance. 6, delivery after delivery acceptance workshop. The operator should be strictly in accordance with the gas boiler special operating procedures and maintenance.