Factory Direct Supply boiler High Efficiency 1t Bhutan

In some areas, the alkalinity of the water source is relatively high. After the combustion of the fuel gas steam factory direct supply boiler high efficiency 1t bhutan is heated and concentrated, the alkalinity of the pot water will become higher and higher. After reaching a certain concentration, it will foam on the evaporation surface, affecting the steam quality; Under certain conditions, if the alkalinity is too high, alkaline corrosion such as caustic embrittlement in the stress concentration portion may occur. Therefore, the alkalinity of the water should be reduced. In addition, the dissolved solid content is too high, it will also affect the quality of steam, and even cause steam and water to rise. It should be controlled by reasonable drainage.

Gas-fired steam factory direct supply boiler high efficiency 1t bhutans are advantages in the use of an environmentally friendly energy-saving device: With the constant innovation designer redesign machinery, for the operation of the device, all starting from the simple and convenient, gas steam boiler is not only simple in operation, and for the safety of the operation there is a better guarantee; the use of the advantages of saving: the steam boiler with a high-temperature low-pressure gas used features, such as it greatly reduces the pressure level of heat equipment, then the direct benefit is to reduce the equipment investment. The proportion of raw materials in contact with air is also a statement, only the right amount of the right amount of fuel and air to form a combustion ratio to be able to burn efficiency, but also allows gas emission reductions, to achieve the dual energy saving, very convenient. It may be equipped with gas steam boiler in accordance with the amount of steam actually required, thus reducing waste of energy. The higher the degree of matching required and actual theory supplied energy the better. It may be continuous blowdown water with heat by heat exchange, thereby improving water temperature deoxygenated water. Such mechanical equipment gas steam boiler, used more in line with the requirements of environmental protection requirements of today, it is widely used.

Boilers use common sense should know that now the rapid development of the industrial sector in our country, so many industrial plants and products have been widely used, and now many of the factory direct supply boiler high efficiency 1t bhutan in areas play an important role in the use, you operate What are the basic personnel matters should pay attention to it? each model of boiler is equipped with its own instruction manual before installing and operating staff are familiar with the instructions needed to make sure you master the basic steps of such devices. Due to the use of boiler is very complicated, so the staff usually before induction operation, the factory will carry out systematic training, so that we become more familiar with the relevant procedures. Boiler after a normal start, we must ensure that it is under the auxiliary exhaust valve is closed, if not closed, it may result in serious accidents produced, for example, such devices scrapped, or because the boiler failure which appeared oxidation phenomenon, resulting in explosions and other accidents. When the staff found that in the presence of anomalies running the operating pressure of the boiler, he must be stopped for the first time, it may make otherwise stick with very serious consequences. Clean it regularly for this type of equipment, because it may run and work for a long time, resulting in lower overall efficiency, and will accelerate failure. If the running time, the sudden appearance of a power outage, this time, the staff needs to fire immediately sealed, and the fastest cold oil replacement valve is opened, so as to slowly put the high slot among the cold oil among the replacement of boiler tubes. For everyday use of the boiler, cleaning and regular maintenance and inspection, we need to send professionals, the general staff remember not to operate on its own, or it may cause more serious consequences. With the development of the industrial sector this year, making the boiler as well as products for use in many areas were frequent, proper operation and use, can really play its thermal effectiveness, further providing reliable protection for businesses, manufacturers of production efficiency, making enterprises harvest more substantial economic gains.

There are a few big happy event in life, conclude, than the following: drought every winter rains, foreign land refresher, the wedding night, pass the examination, as well as being hit Awards. In March this year, planned by the fast Boiler Group hosted the second session of the factory direct supply boiler high efficiency 1t bhutan room] [best photo contest Huobian country! Fans actively participate in activities perfect ending. Gain a lot of excellent photographs, the Group established a review panel for the competition each photo a rigorous review, and ultimately selected a first prize, two second prize, third prize 3. In addition, the panel of judges based on the results of online voting to elect Choice Award six.