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The main features of the vacuum boiler (1) vacuum suction run, really not explode boiler, security is excellent. (2) steel boiler force the high temperature region, successful isolation of the high-pressure zone, so that the service life of the boiler prolonged 2-3 times, the design life of 30 years. (3) the overall design of scientific, rational, compact footprint saving 50-70%. (4) by heat exchange in a boiler body, overall efficiency of up to 91%, after starting the hot water may be provided within 70-80 deg.] C for 2-3 minutes, greatly reducing the warm-up period and reduce energy waste. (5) automatic control, can be implemented intelligence, or unmanned remote network control. (6) built-in stainless steel heat exchangers, water quality without any contamination. (7) Indirect cf. (boiler EHE + + + + the circulating pump installation costs) in the form of heat, the installation cost savings of more than 30-40%. High (8) efficiency, fast heating, good heat transfer, fuel cost savings of 20-30%.

To better implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee nineteen Japanese National Assembly ecological and environmental protection, and resolutely respond Blue Sky Battle action, August 27, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, the city government announced the "small coal-fired boilers Qiqihar City 2018-2020 to promote the phase-out plan" (the "program"), a more concrete of small coal-fired boilers on the basis of governance "Qiqihar City, 2018-2020 tough fight pollution prevention action plan" on.

"Plan" to improve air quality at the core, to take the most effective measures for key areas of work, the various departments collaborate together to complete the task of eliminating small coal-fired boilers.

"Plan" work plan is divided into three phases:

1, before the end of September 2018, in addition to the boiler must be retained, built-up areas in the central city and the rest of the county (city) to complete a full range of 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boiler or elimination process.

2, before the end of 2019, each county (city) out of more than 50% of the 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers.

3, before the end of 2020, in addition to the boiler must be retained, built-up areas outside the central city and the rest of the county (city) the scope eliminate or convert 10 tons of steam / hour and coal-fired boilers.

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Fast boiler manufacturers of vacuum hot water boiler, the heating section combustion Q235 high quality sheet and # 20 steel pipe material, the combustion chamber is sufficiently large, a large heating area, a small furnace heat load; boiler small size, compact structure, and small water capacity, heating speed, it has the following advantages: