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Such as hotel Home Hotel Group is one of the three major brands, in 300 cities in the country has nearly 2,000 hotels. Home Inns has won China Golden Pillow Award for Best Chinese economy hotel chain brand award, in 2014, Home Inns brand value of $ 420 million of selected China's top 100 brands. April 4, 2016, BTG hotel groups such as the privatization of the hotel purchase transaction has been completed delivery. In mid-2016, as a Beijing hotel with our preliminary communication, the urgent need two boilers work of heating and hot water supply. I related technical engineers and recommend it to calculate the number and size of the boiler on the hotel room as hotel Willy sharp V6-99 two models.

Xuzhou fuel gas horizontal steam boiler select a type of gas you select one of their own satisfaction in a gas steam boiler their satisfaction with the process, the technology will meet doubts. So, the authors elaborate with you. Gas steam boiler costs or expenses by the boiler, burner costs and, auxiliary (vacuum pumps, instrumentation, valves) charges integrated gas steam. Affect the cost of gas-fired boiler steam reason, probably contains lead in: brand name differences, manufacturers, output process, test, program design, selection and other steel products. Among them, the best is also the most important reason shall consider the following: First, the strength of the manufacturer's production plant productivity, is likely to affect the quality of goods. The reason is that a productive company, to remove more exclusivity in the market component, occupy sufficient experience skills. And, outside, a first-class technical design strength of the product. Degree program designed to directly affect the quality of goods is enormous. A direct impact on the smooth selection of the following commodities, energy savings, reliability, and ease level. Quality NW B, the choice of steel, steel is the core commodity output. Large standard steel, gas steam boiler is sealed to protect the stability of utility. Some second-tier small plant selection of non-standard or non-compliant with steel, will produce gas steam boiler merchandise, smoothness is poor, energy costs, and there is reliable inconvenience to the user, for example, although the province cut costs enough time available, but Tanxiaoshida. Third, the automation level of output gas production produced when the steam boiler, fuse, coil, fuse welding, preferably also the most important step. These three steps, both before contrast, manual operation, using automation development, the advantage is most obvious. The reason is that automated production, with higher accuracy, the smallest mistakes. This big brand name gas steam boiler merchandise, better than the small incentive to focus on the brand name. The reason is that, return output, then more closer degree of design scheme, to obtain the best standards. (Iv), the test procedure some Chinese market producers, often through no severe gas steam boiler merchandise, factory evaluation process evaluation. Stress test is terminated, it is as large commodity. This is not the behavior of the super fulfill responsibilities. Large quiz program, the absolute probably comprising: a stress test validation, verification of inert gas, welding tests, the extent of the seal test, and the period of the trial period. Can be neglected, balanced. Only so, will guarantee to large-scale users of products so that users in the use of the following to reduce substandard goods produced there, directly affect the user's daily production activities. ⑤, quality of service 70% of second-line small factory, there is no after-sales service. Sale technical delegate full proxy burden. But 70% of the agency, almost no technology first-class technical team. After the failure to produce, will have repeated prevarication, or the consequences of using a lot of time can not handle. Summing up the reason, that is, the cost of gas steam boiler, the direct impact. Generally speaking, there are superior, sophisticated commodity cost of gas steam boiler, gas steam boiler burner plus, the basic, 1 ton pickup million and decisions.

Vacuum gas boiler what type of boiler equipment? Vacuum gas boiler is very popular in recent years, a new type of boiler, and Henan as a domestic first began manufacturing and sale of vacuum hot water boiler and the given area, vacuum gas hot water boiler manufacturers is more, especially in Zhengzhou, all kinds of boiler plants are not there are nearly one hundred dozens technology for manufacturers, vacuum gas hot water boiler is very simple, because these are common, in addition to some of the core components, other principles are similar, then how do we distinguish so much Which is good in the factory in the end? This chapter will give buy gas hot water boiler under vacuum explain all skills. Zhengzhou Gas vacuum hot water boiler plant based on qualifications, experience, technology, patent number can be divided into two kinds of brand manufacturers and sales of manufacturers, most of the manufacturers are small manufacturers sales, meaning only the sales of qualified no manufacturing qualification, but also they can not do when it came to the boiler, they will go to the brand boiler manufacturers and other customers to order and then pay later make the difference, so these small boiler plant is not have the technical conditions, not to mention the after-sales service and the attitude! So to remind our customers that the purchase be sure to look for the brand in the purchase, at least allow customers at ease in the latter part of the sale, then the situation would not admit to buy does not occur.

What are the characteristics of vacuum boilers?

Vacuum phase change boilers in the industry are usually referred to as vacuum boilers. Professional vacuum boilers form a negative pressure vacuum environment within the enclosed furnace body. There is no danger of expansion and explosion because a vacuum boiler creates a low-pressure environment with little air, and then uses water to boil at a low temperature to produce steam. As a result, it is now commonly used in higher elevations. Let's find out what the features of the vacuum boiler are.

1, the vacuum boiler will not corrode because the internal structure of the vacuum boiler is negative pressure vacuum state, so it is completely isolated from the atmospheric pressure, so the pump pumps configured by the various units of the boiler will continuously discharge the steam from the unit. It does not corrode the internal structure, so vacuum phase change boilers perform fairly well in terms of durability.

2, safety and reliability are different from ordinary atmospheric pressure boilers. Because vacuum boilers pump air out of the inner container to form a vacuum environment, the furnace body does not work under the vacuum body in the course of use and will not be expanded by heat. It is not a pressure vessel, so there is no risk of explosion. At the same time, if the pressure increases due to faults or other perceived factors, the vacuum pressure switch automatically cuts off the power supply, so vacuum boilers are more reliable than other types of boilers in terms of safety.