Industrial 1 ton boiler Cheap Vietnam

What should pay attention to the large steam industrial 1 ton boiler cheap vietnam on the installation? How to choose a steam boiler? Boiler energy transfer apparatus itself, the conversion ratio of the energy input and energy boiler and fuel, the conversion of heat energy to chemical energy in the high temperature steam boiler in a large current, often seen, due to the rapid conversion of energy such high temperatures and organic heat carrier, with subsequent changes in the water container. Steam boilers, as well as places than fuel efficiency, and enhance the market are very rapidly, after generating hot water or steam boiler, should provide heat from industrial production methods and way of life of the people, to avoid because the problem of power steam source device changes, or changes in mechanical energy, which led to the use of electricity or machinery, produce too much complex phenomenon. Hot water steam boilers known as water heaters, the use of life among industry and the use of follow-up among a small number of applications as well as long-term use have reached a high degree of industrial principle point of view, the release of heating equipment heat conduction and subsequent radiation, with subsequent absorption cold wall, boiling water, and the gasification process, have a very good effect on the classification point of view, according to the classification of the fuel steam boilers, steam boilers can be classified into electrical, fuel vapor gas boilers and steam boilers. According to construction, can be divided into a vertical steam boiler, steam boiler is horizontal, and other small steam boiler into, now the choice of steam boilers should be aligned in accordance with the structure and the overall structure of the bedroom to avoid, because the choice steam boilers, as well as related series of overly complex and result in an overall cost-effective, high-end boiler and the problems of purchase.

9, the fastening periodic electric heating wires on the screws and nuts on the flange.

10, electrically heated tube furnace in the vapor easy to scale. If there is no softening equipment steam boiler, electric heating is recommended once a month detached, to remove the scale. If treatment equipment should disassemble the tube was heated at six months or a descaling. Re-power heating tube should pay attention to the connection of the recovery, the screw fastening flanges good, should be symmetrical fastening screws tightened repeatedly tightened to avoid water leakage occurs.

11, when the boiler is stopped, the power should be cut off, the control box is opened, check all the electrical connections of the nut member, looseness should be tightened to prevent poor contact and electrical wires burning member.

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Single large industrial 1 ton boiler cheap vietnam load adjustment flexibility is poor, and most are coarse adjustment by artificially staged by "the size of the fire", "top fire" or the realization. From the outside weather conditions change frequently, the larger the magnitude of the initial heating, adjust the end of the performance, the traditional boiler boiler unit determines the actual output is difficult to match the actual load required, often resulting in less heat and overheating occurs, that is often said the "supply and demand" so unnecessary additional excessive heat loss while the deterioration of the quality of the heating. In accordance with relevant domestic literature of statistics, domestic fuel, overall load factor in gas heating boiler (includes backup device), the thermal efficiency is maintained at most 45%, 72.7%, and this is very uneconomical, but this has not been caused by two indicators Experts attention. According to the advanced standards in terms of energy above the boiler system comprehensive utilization rate is also very low.