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What are the advantages of vacuum boilers?

Because the inside of the furnace is a vacuum, the heat medium condenses onto the heat exchanger after it is heated and evaporated, so the heating medium is no more than the heating medium in the process of use. At the same time, it is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly than other types of boilers. Do you know what are the main advantages of the most reliable vacuum boiler? Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of vacuum boilers.

1, high efficiency and energy saving because the vacuum negative pressure hot water technology is used in the production design of the vacuum boiler, so it can make the boiler run in the vacuum state, and its boiling point is low, and it can carry on the latent heat exchange of vaporization (condensation latent heat). And using the three-way wet back design, the heat transfer performance is good and can effectively improve the radiation and convection heat transfer area, so it is more efficient and energy-saving.

2, multi-purpose because vacuum boilers are not only divided into vertical, horizontal, fuel and gas and many other models that are freely available to the user, but also because its heat exchanger and header are a separate state. Therefore, the load of heating water and hot water can be switched at any time according to the actual needs, which can fully meet the different requirements of users for heating water and clean hot water, and ensure that hot water is clean and stable so as to realize multi-use of one machine.

3, the installation is simple because the vacuum boiler is manufactured with modular design and high-performance heat transfer components, so the unit size of the boiler is smaller. It is not only convenient for transportation and storage, but also simpler and more convenient in installation method. In addition, it can also be conveniently installed in a small space or can be used in parallel operation of multiple units according to the actual needs. These three parts are the main advantages of vacuum boilers.

April 4, 2019 morning, Xi'an Beilin haze iron-fisted rule to organize the use of gas-fired boiler unit of area businesses, held a 2019 low nitrogen gas boiler renovation work Publicizing.

The meeting mainly to accelerate the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler Beilin, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Office investigator, neighborhood offices iron-fisted rule haze Director; area involving boiler 2019 user units, boiler enterprises, related to the monitoring unit responsible comrades total of more than 180 participants. Ecological Environment Agency Beilin Branch Comrade security level currently in Xi'an ambient air quality situation, problems and countermeasures were presented. Ecological Environment Agency celebration party strongman rule Beilin Branch Office Director haze on the transformation of relevant documents and carry out propaganda premium policy interpretation. 2018 transformation of the user units China Qiyuan Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Comrade Yang Ann introduced to transform the experience of last year. Finally, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Bureau researcher Liu made a concluding statement:

Vacuum boiler components have whatever industrial or civilian business, we often use the vacuum boiler is obtained, in short, now author'll tell you what constitutes a vacuum boiler-related. A blower: a filter disposed in the suction opening of the blower, when the air is absorbed into the device via an associated operating the burner, thereby adjusting the size of the fire. Second, the supply pump: A comparison of pressure from the condenser into the water softener below to take into vacuum boiler exhaust water generated in the thermal efficiency of the preheating time. Third, natural gas systems: an interface containing gas, burners, gas management system. Fourth, the safety valve: set a certain value, exceeds a preset value automatic pressure relief. Fifth, the vacuum boiler electronic control system and an additional more than this number would certainly be an integral part of the vacuum boiler, if the production process, the boiler marked poor water quality, is not to let the boiler starts, should be much more attention. In the process of production, the vacuum boiler to regularly check the overhaul, maintenance and carefully check the time record, only the most serious intentions of operation, perseverance overhaul inspection, standards can improve the effectiveness of increasingly large, will not adversely occur as a result of. When the vertical steam boiler burner ignited normal operation, why suddenly does not fire gas boilers | oil-fired boilers | steam boiler Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. 1, gas access instability caused by volatility after the fireworks, not fire, cooking step: adjustment pressure load, back to work. 2, fireworks sensor failure. Test not normal when fireworks fireworks detection probe into the ground, or when James Gray, off occurs. Food steps of: adjusting the position of the probe, the probe remove dust from the outside, to start operating again. 3, parts failure. Unstable power supply, trigger off process. Cooking steps: Check the power supply and electrical contact wire.

Conventional hot water boiler types are: one condensing gas hot water boiler, separate condensing gas water boiler, water gas hot water boiler, a vacuum condensing gas hot water boiler, premix gas hot water boiler fully condensed, ultra-low emissions coupled vacuum boiler, electric heating water boiler, and the like.