Distributor Commercial 2t boiler Vietnam

Industrial distributor commercial 2t boiler vietnam manufacturers and users are very concerned about this policy. In this case, ZG Boiler keeps on technology innovation and development. Each industrial steam boiler manufactured in ZG is strictly following ISO9001, CE, ASME and IBR Certification. Manufacturing eco-friendly and high efficiency industrial steam boiler is our major work and goal.

After thousands of trials distributor commercial 2t boiler vietnam, proper selection of the parameters, compared with the conventional gas boiler, to save more than 20% area of ​​lower capital requirements of the boiler room, the user inputs the cost is also reduced.

Cade Shopping Mall is located in central Shanghai Hongkou District, Shanghai Daily larger flow of people in the region. The introduction of Shanghai air pollutant emission standards, distributor commercial 2t boiler vietnam flue gas emissions of nitrogen oxide emissions to less than 80 mg / m, Shopping Mall a coal-fired boilers have been used for many years, NOx emissions far super to this request, the urgent need to replace more environmentally friendly low nitrogen emission boilers. Other units through the use of fast Boiler introduction and understanding, determined and fast boiler to achieve cooperation, party fast to their specific needs to recommend one condensing gas hot water boiler of a 4.2MW for heating needs of the shopping center.

The significance of distributor commercial 2t boiler vietnam blowdown:

(1) An important part of the water treatment work during boiler blowdown is an important means to ensure that the boiler water quality meets the standard requirements.