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Henan gas 4t boiler industrial supplier kuwait shutdown: 1. Press Henan gas boilers electronic control box "shutdown" button. 2, Henan gas boiler burner servomotor return to the initial position, the throttle valve is fully closed and gas. 3, Henan gas boiler solenoid regulating valve and the gas valve closed, the blower is stopped. 4, after determining the water temperature is below 50 ℃, stop the circulating pump. 5, the manual closing Henan gas boiler gas valve. 6, close the water supply valve and return valve. 7, check the gas lines, water lines, valves for leaks, air leaks. 8, the control system power down switch (air switch). 9, when the long-term disabled Henan gas boilers, boiler cut off the power supply. Learn Henan gas boiler Details: www.gu Panzhihua City, 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and complete phase-out is completed

Pressure hot water 4t boiler industrial supplier kuwait What does it mean? Pressure hot water boiler is no mention here of a boiler or pressure micro pressure. Henan fast boiler producing hot water boiler pressure of 1 kg, it is not part of the special equipment, the design of this hot water boiler in our mind is to facilitate more people to use. For large-scale industry, it must be used with pressure boiler operation, then the question is, after you purchase the boiler is not required to be reported to the relevant departments to do, and then have to undergo annual boiler inspection, if it is for small or civilian enterprises used, each year these related procedures up enough of a headache. So we designed the boiler pressure is very small, so you need a high-pressure job production line is not suitable for use. Let Henan fast boiler Xiao Bian introduce our boiler compared to other boilers on the market What are the advantages of it? 1. Let me talk about our high-quality stainless steel boiler body, are used, this material from an aesthetic point of view , nice, the main advantage is corrosion resistant, not rust, since this will naturally extend the life of the boiler. Intermediate packing a thick layer of cotton insulation, so some customers fired boiler when the water temperature have reached 100 degrees, touched her hand furnace or cold, indicating that all of our boilers and thermal insulation properties very good. 2. Next said its core portion of the burner. Type burner hob burners is our joint research and development with the Xi'an Jiaotong University, this burner than the imported burners is mainly to ensure environmental protection and efficiency at the same time, lower input costs, and thus to allow customers to get real affordable. This burner instruction issued by the intelligent controller is installed on the boiler, it will automatically electronic ignition, a state of cold five minutes to let the water heat up the furnace, showing that we have developed burner is good. 3. Say you're a high-tech aspects. That is automatic intelligent system, and now the technology developed, we have got used to the use of smart products, such benefits can not only save labor, work all the time can also detect the device, which the boiler is equipped with this intelligent control system allows the entire boiler fully automated real work in this regard is indeed to you left a lot of unnecessary expenses. 4. With regard to thermal efficiency, this could be a problem many customers are concerned about. Because we furnace design is the water fire burning structure, when the gas into the combustion due to the induced draft fan working the upper end, pulling fuel combustion, allow the boiler to provide heat as soon as possible, our boiler thermal efficiency is more than 93% of.

Hotels with a gas hot water 4t boiler industrial supplier kuwait is broken hot water supply can not be how to deal with? Hotels with a gas hot water boiler is broken hot water supply can not be how to deal with? In the process of gas hot water boiler operation, the boiler or the boiler does not work abnormal phenomenon is prone, then once these conditions arise how to handle it? Below for this problem, Xiao Bian give you a simple analysis. (1) In case of problems, we must first take emergency measures and emergency repairs. (2) to appease the guests live, and do the interpretation. (3) To follow the progress of repairs in a timely manner, deal with customers' needs and requirements. After (4) treatment should be promptly revised summary of reasons for abnormal boiler, and to develop practices, regularly check the boiler operating conditions. Of course, this is just, part of emergency steps, concrete also need to develop practical solutions based on the actual situation of the scene. In this process, we must pay particular attention to emergency and guests appease these two points, to ensure orderly maintenance work can be carried out, in order to shorten the scope and impact of emergencies duration. Zhengzhou is above party fast small as we bring to share, I hope will be useful to you.

Subsequently, the Secretary-General Wang Jiao Ling line with the company's quality control staff had a discussion on the case of the reform of administrative licensing review of the existing 4t boiler industrial supplier kuwait model in the country, how to promote the development of high quality assessment boiler, with the assessment of how businesses, trade associations and work promoting industry innovation and innovation to lead the development of what the expectations and demands, boiler regulations and technical specifications and implementation issues recommendations related issues exist in the process conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and Lu, president of the company's quality management staff made a lot of valuable Suggest. Wang Jiao Ling Secretary-General spoke highly of the technical aspects of the advantages of fast Boiler green energy and green development, and other fast-outstanding contributions boiler industry group to promote environmental protection and efficient process affirmed.