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Heilongjiang provincial government to respond positively to win the Battle of Blue Sky policy action plan issued by the Ministry of ecology and environmental protection, recently issued "on the issuance of Heilongjiang Province to win the Battle of the sky three-year action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan").

"Plan" requirements, as of 2020, the province of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are decreased year on year in 2015 to more than 11%; PM2.5 did not meet the concentration level and above cities fell year on year in 2015 to more than 15% , and above the level of urban air quality days ratio reaches 88%, and more heavily polluted year 2015 the number of days decreased the ratio of 15% or more.

"Plan" put forward 47 specific measures from nine aspects, namely: to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, promote the formation of green development; speed up the adjustment of energy structure, build clean energy systems; actively adjust the transport structure, the development of green transportation system; optimal adjustment of land structure, promote urban and rural non-point source pollution control; strengthening regional joint prevention and control, to effectively deal with heavy pollution weather; sound regulations and standards, improve environmental economic policies; for strengthening the infrastructure, strict environmental enforcement inspectors; clear responsibility for implementation of the parties, strict accountability assessment ; strengthen information disclosure, mobilize the whole society to participate.

"Plan" requirements, strictly control the total coal consumption.

1, in accordance with the focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity, coal and oil to promote alternative energy by 2020, cities (prefectures) Coal accounts for the proportion of energy consumption fell by 1.5% compared with 2015.

2, bulk coal strengthening control, adjustment and optimization of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, the use of high-pollution fuel control, bulk coal alternative strengthening. Clean steadily heating, promoting the use of clean coal and clean energy.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers, to carry out level and above urban area 10 steam tons / hour coal-fired boilers and "clear" action. Improve energy efficiency, we continue to implement the dual-control operations total energy consumption and intensity.

4, accelerate the development of clean energy, and orderly development of wind power, biomass power generation and actively promote the construction of hydropower development focus on the promotion of river basins, and strengthen the development and utilization of geothermal energy exploration, increase renewable energy consumptive efforts.

Nowadays, the heating of many residential areas is supplied by uniform bath hot water vacuum boiler for sale burning hot water, so the performance of hot water boiler plays an increasingly important role in consumer heating. The most common boilers on the market are vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. However, many consumers do not have a thorough understanding of the two hot water boilers may have a certain deviation in understanding, the following is to understand the difference between vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. One, the safety is different now professional hot water boiler is mainly vacuum hot water boiler, the inside of boiler is negative pressure energy At the same time, vacuum hot water boiler can be changed into normal pressure hot water boiler by correlation structure, so the safety is more obvious than that of vacuum hot water boiler. However, the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is safe and reliable as long as it is partially ventilated when it is used in the hot-water boiler, which is easy to use, so the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is especially safe and reliable. Second, the heating efficiency is different because the water volume of the vacuum hot water boiler is less, so the primary water quantity is less, so it is necessary to recycle and use burners for many times to heat the boiler. But the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler container only needs one time to open the burner can achieve the better heating effect, can effectively put the hot water boiler in the hot water boiler. When circulating water is heated, the thermal efficiency of atmospheric hot water boiler is higher than that of vacuum hot water boiler. Third, vacuum hot water boilers with different equipment complexity must be equipped with a series of basic facilities, such as vacuum pumps, in order to ensure vacuum degree, and atmospheric hot water boilers do not need to adopt control equipment to maintain vacuum degree. Therefore, it is easier to operate without complicated control equipment personnel, and the complexity of boiler equipment has the advantage of meeting the needs of more consumers when it is used. Nowadays, the hot water boilers with high sales volume are mainly vacuum hot water boilers and normal pressure hot water boilers. There are great differences in the use of these two points, both in Ann. The overall thermal efficiency or equipment complexity is different, so if you want to install the relevant boiler equipment, you can choose different machines and equipment according to your needs for hot water boilers.

What is the main operation of steam bath hot water vacuum boiler for sale used in food processing industry

Steam boilers are often used in the food processing industry for the processing of various foods, especially bread and dairy products or biscuits, which are used more frequently by enterprises. Because the professional steam boiler has the good heat energy conversion and stable operation ability, the use in the food processing industry not only can help the enterprise to complete the efficient processing operation, Food can also be kept clean and clean to achieve environmentally friendly processing. The following editor will lead you to understand the main operation projects of the food processing industry using steam boilers:

1, the cooking food industry often needs a large amount of cooking to achieve the processing of cooked food, and through steam boilers, it can quickly and effectively complete the operation of cooking different foods. The processing quality of food is very high, especially for sanitary cleaning. Therefore, only the steam boiler with high environmental protection and no pollution can meet the needs of the skimmers.

2, the distillation of many foods in the processing process also requires effective distillation operations, distillation is the steam boiler to effectively separate the various moisture in the food. Operating distillation in a high vacuum boiler can not only ensure the original taste of food, but also quickly separate all kinds of moisture from each other in the food, so as to prepare for the next processing operation of the food.

3, sterilized and dried foods such as biscuits or bread and dried meat need to be sterilized and dried, and can not be separated from the operation of a steam boiler, and the high-temperature steam advantage of the boiler can be used to quickly steam the food at a high temperature. After the steamer is good, the food is dried and sterilized to meet the finished product standard. The use of steam boiler is not only safe and easy to control temperature and pressure, but also avoid the undesirable phenomenon of over drying or high moisture content in food processing.

Enterprises in the selection of vacuum hot water bath hot water vacuum boiler for sale needs to pay attention to what vacuum gas hot water boiler as the future development trend of the civilian boiler, safe, free inspection, easy to operate, by the majority of boiler users. Like traditional boiler, the boiler in the selection process, in addition to quality and price factors, but also need to pay attention to the following factors: fuel vacuum hot water boiler: When selecting a vacuum hot water boiler, first thing to consider is what fuel combustion. This gas combustion boiler both, but also light diesel oil combustion. In terms of environmental protection and convenience, it is recommended to use natural gas procurement business as boiler fuel. Evaporation in vacuo of the hot water boiler: may be referred to herein evaporation boiler load, i.e., steam or hot water required by the user, the unit may be t / h that the rated capacity of the vacuum hot water boiler is 0.56t / h in vacuo. hot water boiler heat exchanger: compared with a conventional boiler, vacuum hot water boiler heat exchanger inserted in the upper half of the vacuum vapor chamber. Select the heat exchanger needs to be determined according to the user a boiler. It is divided into three heat exchangers, ABC, heating, hot water, hot water process for different purposes.