Commercial 6t Natural Gas boiler For Sale Cambodia

Recently, China's 21th National Assembly HVAC academic year in "Swan City" - Sanmenxia City, Henan Province began. This annual meeting embodies the HVAC industry leading experts, technical design schools scientists, representatives of major HVAC manufacturers and industry media, nearly 20,000 HVAC colleagues attended the meeting.

Recently, I saw a news about oil gas fired power plant commercial 6t boiler for sale cambodia in Nigeria. The article talking about the first phase of Nigerian gas fired power plant inaugurated.

One Belt and One Road to Help ZG commercial 6t boiler for sale cambodia

With the development of Internet technology and the trend of economic globalization, ZG boiler has also begun the pace of cross-border trade. ZG boiler produces 9 series of more than 200 kinds of products, such as DHL series biological boilers, oil and gas boilers, chain grate boilers. , circulating fluidized bed boilers, autoclaves, etc. began to export to various countries and regions.

Palm oil mill purchased a set of WNS series lpg gas fired commercial 6t boiler for sale cambodia. WNS series boiler lists into fire tube boiler, with single drum in design. This kind of boiler has horizontal structure in design, easy to ship, install, and operate.