Bath Gas Vacuum Fire Tube Boiler

Different specifications hot water boiler service life and its relationship with water tube boiler: A boiler for hot water boiler which saw the words, I believe we are already very familiar with, but, for now, is already a certain the accumulation of knowledge, so, based on this, then, the product will continue to learn and understand, so you can continue the research on the current basis, then, deepen this a boiler familiarity and level of understanding. 1. vacuum hot-water heaters and vacuum hot water boiler, there are differences between them? Vacuum hot-water heaters and vacuum hot water boiler, which are two different things, so they certainly are different, it is impossible to exactly the same. Also, if compare to the control system, it can be said that the former better than the latter, because the vacuum hot water boiler, typically using conventional control systems, and vacuum hot water units, it is better to adopt a control system so the job. 2. The hot water boiler in small and large boilers, which on age, whether there are requirements? Hot water boiler small and large boilers, in which the life, in general, there is a certain time is small from 6 to 10 years, about 15 years is large. However, large-scale boilers in use, some of its widgets, will definitely have to be replaced. Thus, in order to ensure the life of the boiler, and at the same time, can have good results.

Pressure boilers and boiler vacuum different places which have a client recently found our quick boiler, boiler refer to the difference between the atmospheric and vacuum boilers do? To address this issue, we give a brief overview of the difference between the two. A, different security present, primarily professional vacuum hot water boiler hot water boiler, a hot water boiler internal negative pressure can achieve the purpose of rapid combustion temperature, while by changing the configuration of a vacuum hot water boiler may be related to atmospheric hot water boiler. So security is more obvious than ever. The pressure hot water boiler in good use, only in part to the use of ventilation, so particularly safe and reliable pressure hot water boiler. Second, due to the small amount of water heating efficiency of different vacuum hot water boiler, a small amount of water, repeated heating cycles required to the burner, and a large container atmospheric hot water boiler with a single opening to achieve better burner heating effect can be effectively heating the circulating water. In the hot water boiler. Thermal efficiency is higher than the vacuum pressure hot water boiler hot water boiler. . Third, the complexity of the equipment in order to ensure different vacuum, vacuum hot water boiler must be installed infrastructure series a vacuum pump, but the average hot water boiler pressure control device need not be employed to maintain the vacuum. Therefore, no complicated control equipment required personnel to operate more simple, the complexity of the boiler equipment in use also have greater advantages, meet the needs of more consumers. The two boiler is very different in the use, safety, thermal efficiency and complexity of the equipment is different, so if you want to install the boiler-related equipment, the boiler can choose different devices according to your need for hot water boiler.

Nowadays, the heating of many residential areas is supplied by uniform boiler burning hot water, so the performance of hot water boiler plays an increasingly important role in consumer heating. The most common boilers on the market are vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. However, many consumers do not have a thorough understanding of the two hot water boilers may have a certain deviation in understanding, the following is to understand the difference between vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. One, the safety is different now professional hot water boiler is mainly vacuum hot water boiler, the inside of boiler is negative pressure energy At the same time, vacuum hot water boiler can be changed into normal pressure hot water boiler by correlation structure, so the safety is more obvious than that of vacuum hot water boiler. However, the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is safe and reliable as long as it is partially ventilated when it is used in the hot-water boiler, which is easy to use, so the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is especially safe and reliable. Second, the heating efficiency is different because the water volume of the vacuum hot water boiler is less, so the primary water quantity is less, so it is necessary to recycle and use burners for many times to heat the boiler. But the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler container only needs one time to open the burner can achieve the better heating effect, can effectively put the hot water boiler in the hot water boiler. When circulating water is heated, the thermal efficiency of atmospheric hot water boiler is higher than that of vacuum hot water boiler. Third, vacuum hot water boilers with different equipment complexity must be equipped with a series of basic facilities, such as vacuum pumps, in order to ensure vacuum degree, and atmospheric hot water boilers do not need to adopt control equipment to maintain vacuum degree. Therefore, it is easier to operate without complicated control equipment personnel, and the complexity of boiler equipment has the advantage of meeting the needs of more consumers when it is used. Nowadays, the hot water boilers with high sales volume are mainly vacuum hot water boilers and normal pressure hot water boilers. There are great differences in the use of these two points, both in Ann. The overall thermal efficiency or equipment complexity is different, so if you want to install the relevant boiler equipment, you can choose different machines and equipment according to your needs for hot water boilers.

Zhejiang Yiwu issued the "Yiwu winning Blue Sky Battle 2019--2020 action plan." Plan to improve air quality, enhance people's happiness index target put forward concrete measures of implementation, as follows.

1, vigorously develop clean energy. In-depth implementation of the "creation of a national clean energy demonstration Zhejiang Province Action Plan (2018-2020 years)" "Zhejiang three-year action plan for natural gas development (2018-2020 years)" and "Jinhua" Thirteen Five "Renewable Energy Development planning". According to "gas of the gas should be '' should the electric power" principle, energy companies actively guide clean energy alternative embodiment, in 2020, the proportion of the power in the final energy consumption of clean energy consumption accounting for the higher level, the city gas consumption amounted to 150 million cubic meters.

2, control total coal consumption. Strengthen energy consumption and total energy consumption intensity dual control, strict new coal project access, new (modified, expanded) construction project coal consumption reduction of coal instead. By 2020, the city's total coal consumption by 2015, down from more than 5%. Continue to promote alternative energy coal and oil, replace reached the national requirements. No new 35 t steam / hour or less polluting fuels boilers. Strengthening coal quality control, promote clean coal utilization. Before the end of 2020, clean coal utilization rate of 92%, the proportion of electricity than to accept deliveries in 2017 significantly increased.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers, the urban built-up area basically eliminated tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities; basically out of 10 steam tons / hour and 35 steam tons / hour coal-fired boilers. 35 t steam / hour and more polluting fuels boilers completed ultra-low emissions and energy transformation. Low nitrogen gas boiler basically completed the transformation. Strict control of the new urban area of ​​biomass boilers. Biomass boilers should be dedicated boiler, blended prohibit other fuels such as coal, and other supporting efficient dust bag embodiment, non-coal, oil, natural gas-fired boilers and the like directly Burning biomass briquettes.

4, the positive development of central heating. Cogeneration units to increase the technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe network construction, improve the heating capacity and the full release before the end of 2020, phasing out the cogeneration district heating pipe network coverage and high pollution coal-fired boilers in the range. In the area where no cogeneration district heating conditions, a plurality of existing small coal-fired boilers, an alternative construction of large-capacity coal-fired boiler in accordance with the principles of the reduction or the equivalent.

5, deepening the construction of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban. According to "adjust Yiwu prohibit the use of polluting fuels sales area plan" (Yi Zheng Ban Fa [2018] No. 180) documentation requirements, a comprehensive investigation and eliminate high-polluting fuel facilities within the city, to ensure that no dead ends, no blind spots, Finish high pollution fuel combustion zone ban burning building before July 2019.

6, improve energy efficiency. Vigorously develop, promote energy efficient technologies and products to achieve key energy industries, energy-saving equipment standard full coverage. New energy-intensive projects per unit of product (output) energy consumption should reach the international advanced level. Local conditions to improve building energy efficiency standards, and increase efforts to promote green building, city guide implementation of green building standards for new buildings. Renovation of existing residential buildings to promote energy conservation, encourage rural energy-saving housing.