10t Industrial Low Price boiler Georgia

Why 10t industrial low price boiler georgia to boil and how to avoid burning fuel amount calculated? To conduct a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the boiler, which is an important task and it is necessary to carry out, because it is the site of important and flagship product, but also a different product categories, so this will have specific requirements. So the following will immediately proceed with the work, to improve everyone's learning efficiency. 1. Why should avoid burning boilers often boil? This is because, if the boiler often burn boil, then inside the boiler will produce large scale, and thus, reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler. If more serious, it will cause the boiler to be burned. Further, the boiler heating surface fouling occurs, then, affect delivery of the combustion heat, so that the furnace and the flue gas temperature, and at a pressure pot, the boiler will bulge, burst pipes and so on. Therefore, to avoid burning boilers often boil to avoid these problems. 2. Thermal efficiency of the boiler if the boiler load related? The thermal efficiency of the boiler, according to its manufacturer block boiler professional and technical personnel, which is obtained a higher value at 85% boiler load, so that, if the boiler load of 10 tons, and the load will be long-standing, it should be used 12 tons around the boiler. And, when the full load for the steam boiler, boiler feed water will increase. 3. What is the thermal power station boiler? Pressure boilers need MOT? Thermal power station boilers, which are popular terms used to generate electricity for power plants and heating boiler. Moreover, this kind of boiler capacity is relatively large, the main unit is generally to 300MW. This pressure boilers A boiler, which is not part of the pressure vessel container ships, there is no need for inspection. 4. How to calculate the amount of fuel required for the boiler? Wants to know the amount of fuel required for the boiler, the boiler is first determining the size and steam production, and calculate the actual heat content of a boiler in accordance with the increment of its steam pressure and the steam production, and then calculate the required heat boiler efficiency according to, or is the heat of the fuel can provide. Through the heat value of fuel, the amount of fuel needed to calculate the boiler, to obtain specific numerical values.

When fully completed by the end of 2017 urban 10 tons of steam / 10-20 tons of steam 10t industrial low price boiler georgia regulation task and gas pipeline network coverage of the coal / coal-fired boiler renovation work, fully completed before the end of 2018, 20 tons of steam urban / when more than 35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boilers and renovation work. Before the end of 2017, high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban all types of urban areas in high-pollution fuel boiler to stop using all, or switching to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy.

To help businesses to reduce costs to switch to clean energy, the program presents a series of supporting policies and measures, establish clear criteria subsidies, subsidies for the 2017,2018 two years time.

3, high thermal efficiency

Boiler is an energy conversion equipment, professional production of low-nitrogen boiler as available and high-grade thermal energy necessary for life, for gas boilers, machinery (solid) incomplete combustion heat loss and ash physical heat loss is negligible. Want to improve the efficiency of the boiler, the boiler only reduce heat loss and heat dissipation reduce exhaust gas temperature.

The pollution caused by 10t industrial low price boiler georgias is mainly waste gas, waste water, noise, solid waste pollution. Exhaust gas is mainly pollutants such as smoke, nitrogen oxides and sulfides produced by boiler combustion. The noise is mainly generated during the operation of the boiler. Solid waste is mainly ash and other substances excluded from the boiler.