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Each industry demand for gas steam boilers are different, we as a professional comprehensive boiler enterprises, involving all sectors need to use boilers have the knowledge and understanding, ensure that you provide the correct selection guide and boiler design .

Boiler start-up process, the drum, the lower wall temperature difference is how to generate? During start-up, the drum wall absorbs heat from the working fluid, the temperature gradually increased. Start early, boiler water circulation has not been correctly set up, the drum water is not flowing state, convection heat transfer coefficient of the wall of the drum is very small, i.e. very slow heating. An upper drum into contact with saturated steam at elevated process pressure, a portion of the vapor will condense adherent, exothermic condensation of the metal walls of the drum, which convective heat transfer coefficient than the lower aqueous many times higher. When the pressure rises, the upper wall of the drum can be relatively close to the saturation temperature corresponding to the pressure, while the bottom wall is raised very slowly. Thus formed on the drum wall temperature is high, the low temperature condition lower wall. Boiler boost faster, the larger the temperature difference between the lower wall. On the drum, the temperature difference of the lower wall, the upper wall of the drum by the compressive stress, tensile stress by the lower wall. Large temperature difference, the greater the stress, the drum tends to cause severe shape deformation of the extrados. To this end, China's relevant rules of order: the drum, the lower wall allows the temperature difference is 40 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 50 ℃.

Recently, Tianjin issued a notice to expand the scope of the ban on high-pollution fuel combustion zone, which is based on high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on the delineation of Tianjin in 2015, to further expand this range, Tianjin has completed the bulk of urban and rural coal clean energy alternative areas have been completed and no did not go to the construction of Wuqing classified as high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, and to delineate new range of units street town combustion zone ban.

1, the implementation of zoning classification control. Still requires strict control within the range 2015 designated combustion zone ban, prohibited the use of a single steam of less than 35 t / h of coal-fired boiler, steam 35 tons / hr or higher requires a particularly coal-fired boiler for emission limits or ultra-low emission requirements, while a total ban on all kinds of loose coal burning.

2, ban on burning area has expanded. New ban on burning area of ​​3107.99 square kilometers, Binhai New Area and design Dongli, Xiqing, Jinnan, Beichen, Wuqing, Baodi, Ninghe 9 district and Haihe Education Park. After the adjustment, the city's high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban area of ​​830.54 square kilometers by 2015 increased to 3938.53 square kilometers, accounting for 33.05 percent of the city's total area.

3, clearly biomass fuel control requirements. According to local emission standards biomass fired boiler air pollutants Tianjin promulgated in 2018, re-notice provisions of the central city, Binhai New Area, the seat of government of other towns and other key areas of government regulations prohibit burning biomass briquettes .

Means decontamination method on an electric boiler of: facilitate the use of electric boiler of our lives, to enhance our quality of life, but after some time the electric boiler will produce use dirt, remove dirt electric boiler, following these steps.