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Operation of the vacuum hot water boiler operation is very simple vacuum hot water boiler is very simple, bank up a fire, dust, water, ignition thanks to this step, when the bank up a fire is the first cleaning, the ash cleaned and then fill the coal bucket to shut the door on coal. Economic and environmentally friendly vacuum hot water boiler is in line with the needs of social development, therefore, vacuum hot water boiler is also welcomed by the people, and its usage is very large, their own strengths vacuum hot water boiler determines its space development huge. Automatic heating, hot water boiler vacuum meter is automatically displayed temperature and pressure, the secondary vacuum hot water boiler 24 hours can be a stoker, a hot water boiler so that the vacuum can maintain a constant temperature all day, so the use of it will be more convenient vacuum hot water boiler thermal efficiency is very high, can quickly heat up, and there is no dust, of course, and there is no smoke, so that the surrounding environment will not cause any harm to make . Vacuum hot water boiler operation is very simple, he has a very novel appearance, this novel shape can play a decorative role, then there is the structure of the vacuum hot water boiler is also very unique.

The main features of the vacuum boiler (1) vacuum suction run, really not explode boiler, security is excellent. (2) steel boiler force the high temperature region, successful isolation of the high-pressure zone, so that the service life of the boiler prolonged 2-3 times, the design life of 30 years. (3) the overall design of scientific, rational, compact footprint saving 50-70%. (4) by heat exchange in a boiler body, overall efficiency of up to 91%, after starting the hot water may be provided within 70-80 deg.] C for 2-3 minutes, greatly reducing the warm-up period and reduce energy waste. (5) automatic control, can be implemented intelligence, or unmanned remote network control. (6) built-in stainless steel heat exchangers, water quality without any contamination. (7) Indirect cf. (boiler EHE + + + + the circulating pump installation costs) in the form of heat, the installation cost savings of more than 30-40%. High (8) efficiency, fast heating, good heat transfer, fuel cost savings of 20-30%.

What are the advantages of a hot water boiler? its advantage is that there will never be any danger of explosion, but there can be no monitoring and inspection, and there is no need to consider the problem of pressure relief in the boiler room, to save steel and simplify the process, to reuse the waste boiler, to cancel the supplementary pump, and to protect the power outage well. Durable, saving users all kinds of investment. The operation of the hot water boiler is very simple, seal the fire, dust removal, add water, ignition this gives a step, when sealing the fire is to clear the ash first, remove the dust clean, then fill the coal hopper to close the coal door. The economic and environmental protection of vacuum hot water boiler is in line with the needs of social development. Therefore, vacuum hot water boiler is also popular with people, and its usage is not right or wrong. Often large, vacuum hot water boiler itself advantages determine its development space is huge. The instrument of the vacuum hot water boiler can automatically display the temperature and pressure, and the vacuum hot water boiler can be added coal twice in 24 hours, so that the vacuum hot water boiler can maintain constant temperature all day long. This will be more convenient to use. Hot water boiler system, each hot water boiler according to their main regulator proportional to the size of the change in the load. The fuel regulation subsystem of hot water boiler adopts a feed-forward-feedback cascade control system similar to the steam turbine power-frequency electro-hydraulic control system. Primary regulator adoption Proportional regulator, corresponding to frequency difference amplifier in steam turbine power-frequency electro-hydraulic regulating system, whose proportional band is equivalent to the unequal rate of steam turbine, whose size represents the capacity of hot water boiler with load, the larger the proportional band. The capacity of hot water boiler with load is stronger; The introduction of fuel feedback signal corresponds to the introduction of steam turbine first-stage pressure signal in steam turbine power-frequency electro-hydraulic regulating system, and its function is to quickly eliminate the spontaneous disturbance of fuel quantity of hot water boiler. Hot water boiler power consumption problem, we use the temperature to control the start and stop of the pump, in the low temperature as far as possible not to let the pump work, when the set temperature after the start of the water Pump. It is suggested that the boiler water should be treated by magnetization or softening in order not only to save energy, but also to prolong the service life of the boiler.

Recently, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Leading Group issued a circular on promoting the transformation of ultra-low emissions and low nitrogen transformation of biomass boilers gas-fired boiler. Resolutely implement - the latest requirements "2018 in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas in 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" in, and further reduces boiler emissions standards.

Located in urban construction area of ​​biomass boilers to complete the transformation of ultra-low emissions at all before 31 October 2019. After the transformation to achieve ultra-low emissions coal-fired power plants. 6% of the oxygen content of the reference, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration of not more than 10,35,50 mg / m. Rear of the boiler can be installed efficient dust removal, desulfurization apparatus or stock updates Ultra Low NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides emission concentration is not higher than 30 mg / m3) gas boiler or an electric boiler.

December 31, 2015 installation of ultra-low nitrogen gas boiler to complete the transformation of the October 31, 2019, after the installation of gas boilers used to complete the transformation of the ultra-low nitrogen October 31, 2020. After transformation of nitrogen oxide emissions concentration up to 30 mg / m. District heating gas boiler discourage updated low nitrogen burners, home improvement flue gas recirculation device to transform the way, is updated to encourage direct ultra-low nitrogen emissions boiler.