4t Energy Saving boiler Agent Jordan

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To prevent air pollution and ecological damage, protect and improve the environment, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote sustainable economic and social development, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to develop and launch the "Nanjing Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act," played on May 1, 2019 official implementation.

1, the implementation of energy consumption and total coal consumption control and intensity control system. City of total energy consumption and coal consumption control administrative department with the relevant departments in accordance with provincial and municipal energy conservation requirements, the preparation of periodic control energy consumption and total coal consumption embodiment, the Municipal People's Government for approval.

2, high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban prohibits the sale, burning polluting fuels; prohibit new or expanded high-polluting fuel burning facilities; has been completed, should stop using within the prescribed period the Municipal People's Government, or switching to natural gas , liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy.

4, petrochemical enterprises should strengthen the recovery of combustible gases. Flaring device should be used to deal with emergencies, not as a daily air pollution treatment facilities.

5, to encourage the production, use, or free of volatile organic compounds less volatile organic content of the feedstock and products. Surface coating, packaging, printing, furniture manufacturing and other industries should use low VOC content of products. Petrochemical and other organic solvent, the company should improve the production process, a low content of volatile organic materials and products.

6, resulting in production and business activities of volatile organic waste gas should be carried out in a confined space or equipment, and the installation of, use of pollution control facilities. Shipbuilding and other production and business activities can not be carried out in a confined space, and building (structure) building routine maintenance of live animals, roads, bridges, etc., should take effective measures to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds.

What issues should be considered in selecting Gas-fired 4t energy saving boiler agent jordans

Compared with oil-fired or electric boilers, the advantages of gas-fired boilers, which attract more attention in the market, are obvious, and it is precisely because of this that gas-fired boilers can stand out from the market and be used by more people. So, what are some of the issues in the selection of high-quality and durable boiler equipment that users need to focus on?

Pressure gauge 4t energy saving boiler agent jordan boiler proper installation methods belong to a special operating process, we usually see the pressure gauge case, to observe the equipment is operating correctly, so the installation to correctly deal with it, to tell you about it below gauge correct installation method: 1, according to a high pressure vessel or boiler allowable pressure, draw red alert on the dial gauge, but the red alert should not be drawn on the glass to prevent rotation of the gauge glass delusional causing the accident. 2, the pressure vessel containing the high temperature, corrosive or high-viscosity media, should be installed in the pipeline connecting the container is filled with a pressure gauge and a liquid separator apparatus or use corrosion resistant corrugated flat membrane pressure gauges. 3, each boiler steam drum shall be fitted with a pressure gauge and space directly connected. 4, the installation position of the pressure gauge, should have adequate lighting, and inspection easy for the operator to observe, to prevent radiant heat, cold and vibration by pressure gauge. 5, for ease of replacement and checking the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge should be installed between the three-way cock and pressure equipment, tap should be installed in the vertical pipe section and have open flag and locking devices. 6, the boiler or the high-temperature steam as the working medium pressure vessel, the pressure gauge should be equipped to take over the trap, to condense the steam trap in this period, to avoid high-temperature steam directly into the Bourdon tube pressure gauge, resulting in the table the element overheating and distortion, affecting the accuracy of the gauge. 7, when the trap steel tube with an inner diameter not less than 10mm, should be equipped with pressure gauge and between the three-way cock trap to purge the line, unloading change, proof pressure gauge. 8, before the water valve, between the outlet separable economizer, superheater outlet and the main steam valve, pressure gauge should be installed. Pressure gauge boiler equipment play an important role in the composition, it can be seen as an integral equipment operation, only the right to install it in order to ensure the normal operation of the overall device, thus avoiding the occurrence of pressure can not be allowed to run.