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December 20, "Shanghai Air Pollution Prevention Act," a modified version of issued and published by the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, with effect from January 1, 2019 came into effect.

First, the discharge of industrial waste gas or coal-fired heat production specified operating business units of toxic and hazardous air pollutants listed in the directory of institutions, central heating and other facilities to implement pollution permits management according to law shall, pursuant to the provisions of Shanghai, to the municipal or district environment department applied for and obtained the focus of air pollutants discharge Permit (hereinafter referred to as emission permits); no discharge permit shall not discharge the focus of air pollutants.

Emissions to air pollutants shall comply with the air pollutant emission standards, compliance with the total focus of air pollutant emission control requirements. New construction, expansion, renovation project focused on emissions of atmospheric pollutants, the focus should obtain the total air pollutant emission targets in accordance with the provisions of, and environmental protection examination and approval procedures for construction projects. Need to apply for a discharge permit construction projects shall obtain emission permits before being put into production as required.

Second, easy to appear in the autumn and winter of heavy pollution weather, the city of steel, building materials, coking, casting, aluminum, chemical high emission industries related company should arrange production plan to strengthen air pollution control measures. Economic information administrative departments should strengthen the guidance jointly with the municipal environment department.

Third, the environment department to determine the emissions of air pollutants key sewage units, must be configured using air pollutant emission-line monitoring equipment, and the environment departments into a unified monitoring network.

Fourth, in addition to coal-fired power plant, the city's ban on new or expanded coal burning, heavy oil, residual oil, petroleum coke, high-polluting fuel (hereinafter referred to as high-polluting fuels) facilities; the construction of coal-fired power plant in accordance with the relevant provisions of Shanghai .

Hot water energy saving boiler 2t agent brunei to check items are what it? Check internal examination with the use of hot water boiler ready to check in the furnace and the flue, the boiler attachment check, check automatic control system, ancillary equipment, combustion equipment inspection, check the auxiliary heating surface, prior to running hot water boiler do some checks that we are not inconsiderable, it is possible because of our neglect and causing very serious consequences. So we want a preventive measure, to carefully check the following before the hot water boiler operation.

6tph WNS series three-pass condensing gas-fired steam energy saving boiler 2t agent brunei project for pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry requires a large amount of steam. Usually, the pharmaceutical enterprises set high requirement for the energy-saving effects of boilers. With excellent performance, ZOZEN boilers are very popular with the pharmaceutical enterprises. Among the enterprises, Wuhu Foman Biopharma Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates, health products and medicines for neurodegenerative diseases. The company is specialized in the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases for the elderly.

Hot water energy saving boiler 2t agent brunei and power consumption problems of corrosion resistant centrifugal pump material selection hot water boiler power problem, we use the temperature control water pump start and stop, try not to let the pump work when the low temperature, when the temperature reaches the set again to start the pump. The inner wall of the boiler thermal efficiency to reduce generation of scale is the main cause waste of electric boiler, or magnetic methods recommended softening boiler water treatment, not only energy, but also extend the life of the boiler. Boiler pressure, also known as non-pressure hot water boiler, the boiler refers to the top vented to atmosphere, the static pressure of water is not subjected to the heating system. That is quite an open hot water tank. Circulating pump can only be installed on a hot water supply mains, and to install a check valve and a flow regulating valve, the circulating pump does not play a role that the water cycle, water sky pressing action, the actual pressure pumps, which like water supply works, like cold water pressure pump. the reservoir of water pumped to the water tower, and then by gravity to the user. So what advantages does the hot water boiler, its advantages is never the risk of explosion, do not carry out supervisory inspection, regardless of the pressure relief problems boiler room, save steel and simplify the process, and then scrapped boiler, cancel water supply pump, power failure protection well, durable, saving the user investment. Centrifugal pump commonly used corrosion resistant material selection: the majority of the material be corrosion resistant corrosion pump depends on the reason why the pump flow parts, for corrosion resistant pumps, the need depending on the transmission medium, the material is selected pump flow member . Table 3-1 materials apply only to certain corrosive media, such as a low concentration of nitric acid may be used lCr18Ni9Ti ordinary temperature and other oxidizing acid, and alkali weak corrosive media; OCr18Ni12M02Ti nitric acid concentration is best suited for the transmission of room temperature , but also transport of sulfuric acid, an organic reducing media like; HT200 gray cast iron suitable for concentrated sulfuric acid; plastic broader applicability, polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluorinated ethylene-propylene, and other materials after a reasonable formula, molded, processed plastic Naifushibeng set various advantages of plastic, with particularly strong corrosion resistance, and has high mechanical strength, aging, toxin, etc., is conveyed variety of strong, weak acid over the apparatus, wherein the polytetrafluoroethylene ethylene is one of the best corrosion resistant materials, may be substantially resistant to any corrosive acids, alkali medium, is referred to as the king of plastic. In addition to the materials listed in Table 3-1, ceramics, enamel, glass, etc. are also used for certain applications for producing Naifushibeng flow components.