4 ton Price steam boiler High Efficiency Jordan

The national energy structure adjustment, from coal to gas project forward, is the rapid development and expansion of the square boiler new opportunities across the Group to seize the opportunity, affirmative action, optimize processes, increase R & D efforts, to provide users with high-quality products and services. In recent years, according to the environmental needs of the launch of condensing gas boiler, FGR gas boiler, Ultra Low NOx premix gas boiler, condensing water tube boilers, Ultraten wings hot water boiler technology in the market caused no small response, unanimously users praise. Fast boiler pace of development of the industry attention, which not only benefited greatly enhance quality, quality, brand recognition, but also benefit from the application of innovative technology products, but also reflects the fast Boiler Group's management and technical team building self-improvement and beyond.

A tank is mounted above the drum, and with a pipe in communication blister pack. After the boiler is disabled, filled with peroxide addition to water, the tank half full of water. Steam into the tank with foreign heated to keep the tank boiling water. Loss of boiler water to be complemented by the exotic steam. This method is relatively simple,

10 tons of gas hot water boiler depreciation calculation

Depreciation of fixed assets is due to the gradual wear and tear in the course of the transfer of goods or the cost of that part of the value to go, but also business due to the use of fixed assets and share in the production process over its useful life of fixed assets cost money.

10 tons of gas hot water boilers are industrial boiler, equipment belonging to the class. In accordance with the Enterprise Income Tax Law, depreciation of fixed assets a minimum period of 10 years, residual rate set at 5% or 10%. If the 10 tons / hr of a gas hot water boiler for heating use, should process equipment, mutatis mutandis, the age of 10 years. In calculating the depreciation of fixed assets, in addition to foreign-funded enterprises to deduct the residual value according to the proportion of 5%.

Transformation heating boiler according to the user's furnace, coal-fired hot water boiler replacement can be divided into a gas hot water boiler, the two kinds of new gas hot water boiler. 1, coal-fired hot water boiler replaced with a gas hot water boiler