Seller 4t boiler Energy Saving Armenia

One of our star products fast side - condensing gas hot water seller 4t boiler energy saving armenia, for example.

1, you first need to boiler safety inspection, each valve instrument is loose, hydrophobic drain port is open and a number of inspections to ensure the safety of boiler index at normal levels.

2, connected after the water system, water in the system, and observe the pressure gauge pressure changes inside the boiler, water comes to a stop within the defined range, check all connections for loose water leakage phenomenon.

3, the power supply is turned on, press the power button, so that rotation of the pump, the discharge of each heat exchanger coil in the air or manually unscrew the distal end of the heat exchanger exhaust valve exhaust gas after the exhaust gas pressure drops then added water until the pressure reaches the operating range.

4, the injection water enough, the smoke pipe connection, connect to the gas source, the ignition operation, red light was observed sub-control board, the power lamp flashing slowly after the letter, after successful ignition flashes quickly.

5, the boiler has been adjusted at the factory parameters, users no longer need to be adjusted on-site, but are subject to change (with comparative plains) if the local gas heating value days, air pressure or altitude height shall be burned system analysis and adjustment, the specific method of operation requires professional skill in the art by adjusting combustion system analysis methods and operation.

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In fact, "the seller 4t boiler energy saving armenia load" refers to the ability to generate steam in the boiler per unit time, in other words, the boiler is in the work, the more work per unit time, the greater the load; the other hand, the smaller load.