Commercial 8 ton steam boiler Low Price Brunei

Rice husk is very common biomass fuel. In our ZG Boiler, rice husk fired CFB commercial 8 ton steam boiler low price brunei capacity is among 2 to 260 ton/h. Energy saving CFB steam boiler takes the principle of staionary design and circulating fluidized bed map as the guide. This advanced technology can redece the total bed stock and represents the trend of circulating fluidized bed technology. Rice husk, as a kind of renewable resource, can be transfered into biomass fuel in our industrial areas.

What are the main parts of the boiler? No matter what kind of equipment, accessories are essential, and parts of the boiler is very much, even the smallest one ton tonnage industrial gas boiler, but also by the composition system accessories, not to mention the large circulating fluidized bed the number of parts of the boiler. Zheng pot boiler accessories is one of the main marketing services provided, as even wear tiny boiler, but also need to replace individual parts within a certain period of time, to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.

One ton of boiler refers to the hourly evaporation of the boiler at a certain pressure and a certain temperature. Also called output, is the ability to output steam or produce certain parameters of hot water. A commercial 8 ton steam boiler low price brunei is the amount of steam that can be output per hour in tons per hour.

Coal-fired boiler to carry out a comprehensive investigation and remediation work, Luohe City, Henan Province, Li Jizhen provincial, city and town each environmental supervision departments centralized call the relevant personnel, three-pronged approach to work.

First, a comprehensive investigation to find out the base.

Li Jizhen town for all industrial enterprises, restaurants, vermicelli processing plants, farms and other coal-fired boiler with a boiler units diagnostic investigation, the establishment of coal-fired boilers ledger, so base-clear, the situation is clear.

Second, clear standards, conducting pressure.

Town leaders organized the renovation work conference of coal-fired boilers, the boiler so that the user's overall reform and the dismantling of scheduling, the town must be eliminated in the formation of boiler upgrade, you do not need to be removed out of shutting down consensus.

Third, actively coordinate, and assign responsibilities.

Natural gas is being implemented in conjunction with the "double substitution", and actively coordinate the gas boiler equipment suppliers in collaboration with the local gas company, entered into a collaboration, timely completion of "substitution of gas for coal" upgrade tasks.

As of now, the town has shut down six coal-fired boilers, the implementation of "substitution of gas for coal" boiler upgrade eight, effectively promote the prevention and control of air pollution.