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Vacuum pot of hot water heating companies have chosen what reasons such as hotels, residential housing, building shopping malls, office units and other places, vacuum hot water boilers have been widely used, he said that people's lives can be described as a good helper. Then, vacuum hot water boiler has what advantage? A safe and reliable vacuum hot water boiler in operation, the internal pressure in the artificially set range, the furnace is always under negative pressure, the risk of explosion does not occur outwardly. Second, energy saving money vacuum hot water boiler more efficient heat exchange element - wings and heat exchanger is more than 5 times the normal rate of the light pipe, to a great extent reduce the overall area of ​​the boiler, the thermal efficiency can break 108% above, it can be described as a pioneer in energy saving. Third, the modular design to facilitate transport of the boiler, a small unit volume, easy to transport; boiler may also be employed various parallel combinations, the user may itself be flexibly adjusted number of boiler operation, in accordance avoid waste of resources.

What is the main operation of steam boiler used in food processing industry

Steam boilers are often used in the food processing industry for the processing of various foods, especially bread and dairy products or biscuits, which are used more frequently by enterprises. Because the professional steam boiler has the good heat energy conversion and stable operation ability, the use in the food processing industry not only can help the enterprise to complete the efficient processing operation, Food can also be kept clean and clean to achieve environmentally friendly processing. The following editor will lead you to understand the main operation projects of the food processing industry using steam boilers:

1, the cooking food industry often needs a large amount of cooking to achieve the processing of cooked food, and through steam boilers, it can quickly and effectively complete the operation of cooking different foods. The processing quality of food is very high, especially for sanitary cleaning. Therefore, only the steam boiler with high environmental protection and no pollution can meet the needs of the skimmers.

2, the distillation of many foods in the processing process also requires effective distillation operations, distillation is the steam boiler to effectively separate the various moisture in the food. Operating distillation in a high vacuum boiler can not only ensure the original taste of food, but also quickly separate all kinds of moisture from each other in the food, so as to prepare for the next processing operation of the food.

3, sterilized and dried foods such as biscuits or bread and dried meat need to be sterilized and dried, and can not be separated from the operation of a steam boiler, and the high-temperature steam advantage of the boiler can be used to quickly steam the food at a high temperature. After the steamer is good, the food is dried and sterilized to meet the finished product standard. The use of steam boiler is not only safe and easy to control temperature and pressure, but also avoid the undesirable phenomenon of over drying or high moisture content in food processing.

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Vacuum boiler heating or heating up can how much area in recent years many customers are using the vacuum boiler, vacuum boiler technical parameters but many people do not understand, a lot of customers for understanding the vacuum still in the boiler will never explode, and does not require inspection, audit, and other steps cumbersome formalities, so Xiao Bian by finishing technical information vacuum boiler Henan faster this way large enterprises, made out some simple statistics, for everyone to share case: belongs to the negative pressure boiler vacuum boiler, the main way for heating is provided by hot water heating hot water or heating medium, there is no appearance of a vacuum steam boiler, so many online fictional vacuum steam boilers are Bluff, vacuum boiler can only be used for heating or hot water, vacuum boiler is divided into different types according to their rated thermal power, in general, is 0.35MW ~ 7MW range, it can be customized according to customer needs, and follow the heating area is calculated primarily by the size of the heating area to match the model, let's give you an example: such as the need for 5,000 square meters Space heating, heating area formula under normal circumstances is 4000-6000 square meters of area equal to 1 ton vacuum heating boiler, if the boiler pressure is also need to consider the issue of pressure, but vacuum boiler need not consider this point, so we came out of the equation is based on the heating area can provide customers with boiler models for customers.