Industrial 10t boiler Distributor Indonesia

Xiao Bian here to tell the power consumption of large appliances industrial 10t boiler distributor indonesia formula: If we live in a house of 100 square meters, heating an area of ​​100 square meters, then choose electric boiler size of about 10kw, and the daily power consumption is half the area of ​​heating, that is 50 degrees. 5, knowledge of the sale of electric boilers do not understand, if you choose regular boiler manufacturers, after-sales service is very well and will be presented very clearly before signing the contract, there will be no sale without guarantees.

What structure and principles of industrial industrial 10t boiler distributor indonesias in particular? What structure and principles of industrial boilers in particular? Industrial boilers has become the hottest on the market boiler boiler. Whether it is gas or gas hot water boiler steam boilers, gas boilers generally use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and city gas as a fuel gas fuel. First, the working principle of gas steam boiler: the furnace and the combustion heat of the fuel gas steam boiler, heating pot of water evaporated into steam. Water pan (drum) in the furnace gases are fuel combustion energy released continuously heated, increasing the temperature and pressure steam is generated. When the boiling point of water increases with increased pressure, is sealed pot, the pot water vapor expansion is limited, and therefore the thermodynamic pressure (strictly speaking, water steam boiler). It is widely used as an energy source in the drum, the water is heated and vaporized again to saturation. Second, gas steam boiler basic structure: gas steam boilers and boiler drum consists of two body parts protection, instrumentation equipment, automatic control and protection system of continuous safe operation of its composition. This boiler water wall boiler drum boiler drum in the zoning arrangement, the first two return pipe fireworks smog chamber back to the drum. Connected between the drum and the tank, with water-cooling pipe and the downcomer, which constitute the framework of the combustion chamber. The pot is provided at the top with a steam water separator, to reduce the amount of water extracted from the steam. The bottom of the pan heating surface of the drum, and fireworks waterwall tubes.

Anyang City Children's Welfare Institute, director of the other fast condolences Group thanked welfare Xiqianxinzhi just for my company still insisted to visit the children feel very warm and happy. Fang Group, as a caring corporate fast, for five consecutive years of uninterrupted adhere to visit the orphanage children, and brought them all kinds of necessities and school supplies to children's lives to bring a dash of color.

Condensing gas hot water industrial 10t boiler distributor indonesia installation of equipment for heating What are the benefits? Simple market research, you will find condensing gas hot water boiler widely applied, then condensing hot water boiler installation of equipment in the end what advantage? Here Xiaobian take you to do a simple understanding. Thermal Efficiency (1) condensing boiler means lifting the assembly obtained to a certain extent can be recovered latent heat of vaporization of water vapor in the flue gas, the heat of the boiler can be fully utilized to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler operation. (2) the nitrogen oxide emissions of the boiler and the composition will be reduced hesitant to install a condenser, the heat discharge flue gas recycling, so that a higher fuel burnout rate, at the same time, and oxynitride thereof lower emissions and reduce air pollution levels.