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Boiler desulfurization system common faults and solutions (vi) a, filter clogging pressure before the plaster if the circulating pump and discharge pump is too low, the filter is likely to be blocked, the control room will be an alarm signal. In this case, the spare circulation pump must start to alert the circulation pump must be stopped. After stopping operation, process water will automatically clean the filter, the clean, and the circulation pump can be restarted or as a backup. Second, the barrier seal sealing blower fan failure trip operation, the standby seal air fan does not start automatically, report value of the long, come to contact maintenance or fault put into operation as soon as possible. Two seal air fan failure outage and FGD are bypassed, consider a small amount of the original flue gas inlet baffle flue gas leaking into the absorption column, cooling needs, open door water wash demister layer. Third, investment and operation of oil boiler if the boiler and electrostatic precipitator run oil investment is not in use, report the value of long, to withdraw from the unit flue gas in FGD system operation. Fourth, the ESP fault FGD in operation, such as electrostatic precipitators unilateral have two or more electric fault outage, FGD flue dust export amount is greater than 350mg / Nm3, report the value of long, to withdraw from the flue gas unit run FGD system. V. severe fouling FGD flue inlet and a flue severe fouling bypass flue has a certain influence on the normal switching baffle. When FGD system and boiler outage, check and clean up fouling. Six, SO2 removal efficiency and low processing method, the correction SO2 meter 2, 3 corrected pH meter, if possible, an additional layer 4 runs spray level, check the dose limestone slurry; increase the feed amount of limestone slurry; reaction check limestone 5 performance, the number of the circulation pump and the pump output 6 of the checking operation, the operation start waste water (if not running at this time) 7, inspection of GGH seal air fan and fan seven low leakage, high concentrations of absorber slurry processing method, inspection density swirl number of sub-measuring instrument 2, 3 boiler load reduction, reduced boiler load 4, check outlet pressure and flow, start the standby pump 5, an increase of 6 runs, to check the cast pump discharge pressure and flow outlet 7, the cyclone cleaning gypsum 8, check the concentration measuring instrument 9, the concentration of eight, the vacuum belt conveyor system troubleshooting cyclone underflow (1) Symptom 1, the slurry feed is less than 2, the vacuum seal water flow is less than 3, the offset track belt 4, pump failure 5, a vacuum line system leaks 6, 7 dust concentration is high, breakage 8 with wear, abnormal belt conveyor belt speed (2) processing method, check valve opening to enhance feed 2, check cloth Washing pump 3, the belt deviation control module 4 checks, check the vacuum pump 5, a vacuum line to see whether there are 6 different sound, the control module 7 checks cake thickness, filter cloth tensioning case 8 check, inspection, operation of belt conveyor

Exhaust gas has been plagued by sewage paper industry, paper industry pollution problems of the country very seriously. Fujian Heng paper packaging company has been committed to the use of clean-type boiler paper processing. October 22, 2016, David Carse, the paper with my company, signed a 6 tons of steam an integral condensing steam boiler for the production of corrugated cardboard and other paper products. I provided the boiler greatly solve the problem of sewage wastewater Heng paper. After the boiler operation, both to meet local environmental requirements, but also reduce operating costs for the constant boiler paper products.

Jingzhou upright vacuum gas boiler how much the yuan for us in the process of buying a vacuum in the boiler, will be exposed to professional issues. Here, the author with the public to talk about. How many vacuum boiler RMB yuan much needed primarily by the vacuum boiler host, the number and RMB, auxiliary (circulation pumps, instrumentation, full valve) needs to how much RMB burner configuration. Reason to choose how much the yuan needs vacuum boiler, mainly in comparison: brand differentiation, manufacturers, research methods, inspection, design, selection and other steel products. Which should be very important reason, such as the following: ① capacity fired vacuum hot water boilers supplier manufacturers of the strength of manufacturers, directly to the decision, the standard goods. Thus, the ability of a company to remove have relatively large proportion of the market, cherish the appropriate experience. Secondly, moreover, the standard product design capability. The size of the design level, and a direct impact on commodity standard is the biggest. Directly or indirectly affect the stability of renewal after commodity, energy conservation, safety, and good operational level. Selection of standard steel net two steel, commodity research focus. Authoritative standard steel, is to protect the role of the boiler stable vacuum seal. Many second-tier brands with unqualified and non-standard steel, will cause the vacuum boiler commodities, poor stability, energy consumption, retained second security problems, and users is the case, even if modest framework procurement costs, but two in one fell swoop loss. Three automatic development level of vacuum boiler output step, cutting, coil, fusing welding, much attention should method. These three methods, than workers through manipulation, automated production, the highlight is relatively common. Thus manufacturing automation, with higher accuracy, the smallest mistakes. This is also the key factor in a large vacuum boiler brand merchandise, far better than smaller brands. Thus it developed return, but then closer to the design level, made a good standard setting. ⑷ test criteria of some domestic companies, sometimes after the harsh vacuum boiler merchandise is not present, the factory part of the test. Pressure ended, as commodity authority. This is definitely a very very irresponsible behavior. Checking the authority of the criteria must contain: test load, inert gas tests, the gap welding inspection, the degree of sealing of the inspection, and the trial period of the cycle. Essential, balanced. Only in this way we can guarantee the delivery of goods authoritative user, allowing users to use the time after the renewal, reduce substandard commodities have generated, directly affects the production of normal user behavior. e service level of 70% of second-tier brands, is a service that does not exist. Sale are appointed proxy to master. However, 70% of agency staff, and there is no standard level of strength of the team. After generating non-compliance, it will have dragged on, and sometimes can not handle the consequences. To sum up, that is, vacuum boiler how much the yuan, the direct influence of reason. Normally, there is strength, how much the yuan commodity needs a good vacuum boiler, vacuum boilers host and burners, basically, 1 ton, thousands, or so.

Problems existing boiler which a vacuum tube bundle effect bunching effect is widely present in the heat exchanger shell, likewise, vacuum boiler is inevitable. Nusselt proposed an improved condensing heat transfer coefficient formula for 1916. However, due to many differences in bundle properties (heat medium) temperature is saturated, the surface tension outside the refrigerant, the corrected correlation will also be corrected based on experimental results. But again, the bundle effect is still inevitable. 2, it is difficult to maintain the degree of vacuum maintenance and control of the effect of vacuum, vacuum boiler born. When the vacuum boiler stability, the interior portion of the vapor in the vapor space for heat exchange bundle and condensed into a liquid, negative pressure environment part for maintaining a vacuum in the boiler. Theory, boiling and absorbing heat cold water evaporation eventually will be in equilibrium, with the actual amount of heat during operation, the vacuum pump to maintain the boiler typically require external pressure balance, control the heat required to maintain combustion stability of adjusting the water temperature. These external adjustable mechanical means to destroy the balance of the system itself, not only the vacuum boiler system more stable and unstable heat transfer process last longer. 3, exhaust loss if these two exist only in the vacuum boiler, improve energy efficiency research boiler eternal subject. Currently, most vacuum boilers are gas-fired boiler for the boiler, the exhaust gas loss of vacuum insulated with appropriate measures to become a major energy loss.