hospital gas vacuum water tube boiler in China

How much the price of the current boiler Shaanxi Shaanxi vacuum gas boiler gas boiler is more oriented. But currently does not require vacuum boiler pot seized, can directly approach the installation, and then can be directly used for the units used, it saves a lot of time. But also greatly enhance the production efficiency, the use of units, the boiler is a very good product. Recently, after the price customers have to fast Boiler Advisory vacuum gas boiler Shaanxi, which, technicians fast boiler of a detailed understanding of hot water or steam required for the enterprise, companies with a vacuum hot water boiler it is very suitable for the current 2t vacuum gas hot water boiler to meet production needs. This model price is about 140,000.

Recently, we learned, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province to speed up the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion, gas-fired, Zhangbei County Environmental Protection Agency issued the "Notice on nitrogen oxide gas boiler governance", the transformation of the way around the gas boiler, the transformation of technology formalities to conduct a comprehensive explanation of propaganda, mobilization of Zhangbei above a certain size gas boiler units to actively participate in low-nitrogen transformation.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of work, the EPA developed a grasp of leadership, and a series of regular briefings on the system, arrange for the transformation of real-time tracking progress, personally led by the leaders in charge of the transformation of the construction-site supervision, to solve various problems during installation accelerate the transformation progress of the project. To date, more than 10 tons of steam Zhangbei natural gas boilers have been completed the transformation and detection of nitrogen oxide emissions, emission concentration all the stabilizing reached 30mg / m³ or less, over-done.

To protect the subsequent reconstruction work in depth, Zhangbei County township organization, the relevant units of the county with a comprehensive Mo Pai, gas-fired, gas-fired boilers for each specific model boiler unit, whether used and other basic information has been verified, the establishment improve the work ledger; to ensure that the base number is accurate, targeted work, Zhangbei arrange strengthen docking with the gas company, promptly verify the perfect new gas boiler archives, ensure the follow-up task of transformation clear, exhaustive renovation project. At the same time, combined with the actual development of the Zhangbei gas boiler compliance programs to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive promotion of this work next year.

Vacuum hot water boiler operating gas: a gas hot water boiler operating under vacuum: the vacuum gas hot water boiler utilizing the different characteristics of different boiling point of water at ambient pressure. At normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 deg.] C, vacuum gas hot water boiler operating pressure in the range -0.07Mpa less. Corresponding boiling temperature of water is less than 93 deg.] C, vacuum gas at the operating pressure of the hot water boiler, the combustion temperature rises to the water boiling temperature, the steam boiling surface to produce the same temperature, volatile vapors absorb large amounts of heat. At this time, water is injected into the heat exchanger of the boiler. After the inner tube was heated to an outer cold administered heated steam flows out through the steam pipe outside the cold water cooled heat exchanger is condensed into water droplets, the water cycle is completed in vacuo. 1. smoke tube was added in the process, improve the heat transfer effect of making the arrangement more concentrated. With a square overall structure independent spray, beautiful shape of the separation. three. Large furnace techniques: effectively increasing the heat radiation area of ​​the unit, to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions. 4. Boiler water using a high water to ensure that water does not furnace fouling and oxidation. All wet back shell type three-way structure, static heating, excess heat .6, actively control the whole system, it does not require special duty. 7. Unique pulse level detection circuit reliable performance. 8. inlet / outlet temperature display easier to control the operation of the vacuum and hot water boiler operating segment. 9, receiving advanced multilayer insulated glass wool, heat loss is small. Vacuum gas hot water boiler with three pressure safety system: automatic safety explosion-proof valve in the discharge control: when the internal pressure of the boiler continues to rise, the explosion-proof valve due to EHV broken, releasing the pressure in the boiler, to ensure safe operation of the boiler; Digital Pressure Switch: imported from Japan digital pressure switch, detecting a change in the pot at any degree of vacuum, when the pressure is too high, side off: opening vent automatic safety alarm: the boiler when the internal pressure becomes slightly positive pressure, vibration proof safety valve automatic alarm , cut off the power boiler.

Vacuum boiler Workflow workflow vacuum boiler, heat generating device (burner) serving energy, is first sucked into the water wall heat transfer by radiation, the latent heat of water boiling water wall, a large number of outbreaks occur moisture vapor influx drum separately, poured into saturated steam superheater generated coupler, the head continues to inhale and horizontal flue furnace, the flue gas through the flue gas duct terminal energy radiation, siphon pattern, and the superheated steam reaches the high operating temperature set. Basic power generation boiler is also provided with a secondary heater safety, as the heat conduction after the high pressure steam treatment tank, the heater reheating steam treated again in the secondary pressure cylinder continues processing power. In General, it is sucked into the vacuum boiler burning diesel kinetic energy so that a portion of the water caused by the standard (e.g., pressure, higher temperature) of the steam device. Vacuum boiler can be divided into two parts and the furnace pot, the pot is a metal material storage containers, diesel burning furnace portion, the pot water sucked into the furnace burning diesel fuel energy into steam, the basic process and burn almost boiling water, then pot kettle, stove tantamount fire stove.