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Boiler maintenance smart burners way with the development of society, more and more people use, during use, we can not forget its care and maintenance, which also have a specialized technical maintenance, the following teach everyone boiler routine maintenance: 1, all oil cups are filled with oil. 2, at all events are required to add oil. 3, the bottom of the boiler water is not ground plane, to prevent wet etching of the base. 4. The grate shall tighten or loosen, four bolts on the housing shall relax the base beforehand. 5, when the induced draft fan to severe vibration should stop checks, generally based internal impeller wear or fouling caused by severe and should be replaced. 6, class check grate reducer, the tap head and gear lubricants induced draft fan in the bearing housing is held within the allowable range, light fuel should be promptly, to clean up oil leakage. 7, the gland gasket lower portion of the slag, as grout leakage found, litter should be kept pressed, or replaced with a new temporary parking gasket stop leakage, and check if grout leakage into the bearing, should be open the cleaning. If you want long-term use can improve the efficiency of the boiler and then you need to do routine maintenance and repair, of course, if handled properly there may be accidents happen, you have to be before they can according to the correct method.

Boiler of Beijing role and significance of the smart burner are essential equipment we needed for winter heating, district heating and for many businesses for heating boiler with a long time is also faced with problems of reconstruction and maintenance, with the development of boiler manufacturing technology Today's boiler in many respects a certain improvement, the next to introduce the role and significance of what high-quality boiler of Beijing :( a) reduce emissions of harmful substances boiler Beijing first major role is to reduce harmful gases emissions, especially atmospheric pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, high-quality boiler Beijing company will use advanced technology to achieve low concentrations of pollutants or zero emissions, which is a lot of old boilers impossible, so the first role of the boiler Beijing is the substitution of old boilers to reduce emissions of harmful gases. Another effect of (b) reduce the noise generated boiler Beijing is to reduce noise generation, to know there is a lot of noise when many older boilers, boiler hearing much influence workers' health, so professional Beijing boiler companies can reduce noise pollution generated by the boiler work to improve the safety of worker exposure to the boiler, but also to residents living around the boiler room from noise problems. (Iii) increase the fuel combustion rate boiler Beijing using the latest technology can improve the burn rate of the fuel, so that fuel can be fully combusted and after passing through the combustion can achieve higher thermal efficiency, which not only saves fuel but also the thermal efficiency can be improved, will improve the thermal efficiency of heating provides higher temperatures, so that people get a warmer environment indoors. Thus boiler Beijing's role is still very large, it can be given improved in many ways. Such as reducing emissions of harmful substances, reduce noise and improve fuel burn rate and generate thermal efficiency, these are the drawbacks of the old boiler phased out, so Beijing boiler renovation project need to advance as quickly as possible, so that becomes a winter heating Beijing low consumption and efficient engineering.

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Biomass coal steam boiler

In Harbin fifth session of the Fourth Session of the National People's Congress, coal-fired smart burners governance as a key task to be mentioned again. Meeting specific targets: by 2019, Harbin will govern coal-fired boilers, boiler out of 35 tons and below do not have to upgrade conditions, starting 65 tons or more of coal-fired boilers and energy-saving ultra-low emissions transformation.

2019, Harbin will continue to strictly control the total amount and quality of coal, according to local conditions to solve the shanty towns, suburban town (township) village coal powder burning problem by briquetting, Burying to field, the way raw material cogeneration, effective path to explore the comprehensive utilization of straw, the straw open-air Jinshao continue to focus on the work to implement the required emission limits industrial emissions, car exhaust strengthen, kitchen fumes, dust and other site management, effectively improve air quality.

2018, Harbin City, air pollution, elimination of coal-fired boilers 1191 units, biomass boilers to replace more than 10,000 units, updated bi-fuel taxi 1270 units, 1323 units of new energy buses, comprehensive utilization of straw and prohibiting open-air work strength forward, ambient air quality fine days up to 312 days, an increase of 42 days over the previous year, the highest level since the ultra-high PM2.5 monitoring.