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The basic principle of Corner tube hot water manufacturers 4t boiler industrial thailand is to use a pipeline system as the boiler frame. This framework as the down pipe at the same time, under the header and header, and a certain degree of separation. In general, the frame and braced frame whole boiler, boiler load all of the bear, the fuel of corner tube hot water boiler is bituminous coal and anthracite coal.

Gas steam manufacturers 4t boiler industrial thailand water level gauge of what common fault? Gas-fired steam boiler in the course requires a certain capacity to use water, if the water in the furnace too little can cause dangerous, so gas steam boiler water table has a very important role, if the water table is necessary and timely investigation and treatment failure . Following on from the hot gas steam boiler manufacturers to introduce common faults which have water gauge. 1, there are low-lying water table or use the water level indicator active when only a water table when gas steam boiler with a low water table when the drum is only a case of the water table, because the low water table balancer internal short circuit leakage, low water table caused by the emergence of high water, the so-called "full of water", and the water table on the drum performance but low water, and even see the water level, then the fireman because they can not immediately determine gas steam boiler actual water level and the water level will go to check on the drum table, it may be severe water boiler accidents occur because of delays. After discovering this case, the low water level should be checked as soon as possible balancer table and give treatment. 2, cocks on the water gauge screw fixed gas steam boiler water level gauge long time without cleaning operation time, but also lack the necessary daily maintenance will cause water gauge cocks rust, gas, water and even the block, or insufficient packing aging or deterioration, so the above symptoms should be given replacement and maintenance in the future use on a regular basis. 3, the performance of the water table water table fake gas steam boiler water level of the phenomenon of false water level, in addition to gas, water or even tube cock is blocked, but it could be gas, water pipes and even the water table due to dislocation connection, as well as steam water tap handle installed the wrong position caused cocks closed, or because of poor water quality, the boiler priming and thrown false water level. As long as careful to exclude targeted treatment. A wide variety of gas steam boiler manufacturers to introduce common failure of several water table, due to the water table is a device that displays boiler water capacity, the gas has an important role to ensure the safe operation of steam boilers, so the fireman must pay attention to, if found abnormal water table is necessary and timely for maintenance treatment.

Work environment condensing manufacturers 4t boiler industrial thailands are generally more severe, partially condensing boilers using spaces not only have serious moisture, there are still many chemically aggressive media, combined with condensing boilers daily work of a higher frequency, so on its weather resistance and environmental resistance put forward higher requirements. Professional condensing boilers in the design and production process to effectively circumvent the late failure frequency, so that the failure rate lower condensing boiler, longer life.

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